Fungicides by Odile Carisse

By Odile Carisse

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Bugs are nice school room examine organisms. they're effortless to assemble and lift and feature a desirable array of lifestyles histories. simply because they're small and feature large reproductive ability ecological reviews of dispersion, predation, parasitism and replica may be studied in compressed timeframes and small components relative to comparable reports of bigger organisms.

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The ideal coverage should consider: • The target to be controlled: diseases are mostly undercover requiring larger area of contact between product and plant. Also, initial infections are mostly established at lower parts of the plant canopy where the number of droplets is reduced. So, after disease established the chance of survival in oculum is as higher as fungicide is sprayed later. Systemic fungicides are absorbed by the leaves and redistributed through the xylem. However, because of the negative balance between mobility and residual period is necessary large number of droplets/cm2.

Fijiensis has spread rapidly to new banana- and plantain-growing areas, being the most pathogenic and of greatest concern to both commercial banana growers and in countries where banana and plantain are staple crops. , 1996), most of the banana and plantain production areas in West Africa are located in lower altitude zones characterized by high temperature regimes. Struggle methods for those diseases are pesticides. , 2007a). , 2007b). , 2008a, b). Crop protection by using pesticides is one of the most important ways to increase yield in reducing pathogenic fungi impact.

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