Gem and Ornamental Materials of Organic Origin by Maggie Campbell Pedersen

By Maggie Campbell Pedersen

Gem and decorative fabrics of natural Origin is a distinct resource of knowledge in this missed subject of gemology. offered in complete colour, with over 2 hundred lovely pictures for ease of reference and id, the publication permits fabric to be famous by way of sight, fending off the standard gemological checks, that may spoil them. A complete checklist of fabrics is integrated and every is gifted with information or its starting place, availability and conservation prestige. Examples of the makes use of of every fabric are given, besides a quick background in their use.

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It feels warm to the touch. Iike amber, jet can become saciently elemidly charged when rubbed to be able to pick up items such as d feathers. Also like amber, jet is very light. Chemically, jet is about 75 per cent carbon with some hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. There can also be maces of many other minerals. TREAT- AND USES Jet is used mostly for jewellery and small, decorative items. It is best known for its use as mourning jewellerg in the nineteenth century. 3 Jet and jet simulant9. Top row: vulcanite, jet; bottom row: vulcauih bog oak, jet.

It is best known for its use as mourning jewellerg in the nineteenth century. 3 Jet and jet simulant9. Top row: vulcanite, jet; bottom row: vulcauih bog oak, jet. Jet can be cut, carved, turned on a lathe, d polished to an almost vimm lusm (Hi. 3). Jet cannot be softened or moulded. Jet is neither dyed nor bleached. To make up larger items, pieces of jet are glued together. Screm are never used. 11). Today q e p w r y glue h taken its place. Due to its wlour, jet is ideal for use in combination with other rnaterid~such as ivory, for m p l e as cameo doublets, with a jet back topped by an ivory carving, or as triplets of jet, ivoq and jet.

Recently a m k &men have slowly nmeated the panels and furniture from old photographs, and the room is rebuilt at the Summer Palace. By the nineteenth century amber was again being used as jewellery. Necklaces, bracela, rings and other items were being made. Some simple boxes and caskets were made but the innicate work of the Golden Age was not repeated. The late heteenth eenmy saw dx appearance of pressed amber, which was popular for smoking requisites and j m e k y . F a d t e s pieces were hceted beads and brooches depicting flowera and fruit.

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