Geological Atlas of Africa by Thomas Schlüter

By Thomas Schlüter

Here's the hot variation of the 1st try and summarize the geology of Africa via offering it in an atlas and to synthesize the stratigraphy, tectonics, fiscal geology, geohazards and geosites of every kingdom and territory of the continent. additionally, the digitized geological maps are correlated and harmonized in line with the present stratigraphic timetable. The atlas goals to give a contribution to ability development in African Earth Sciences and to help the initiation of study and let the success of financial possibilities by means of supplying a database of simple geological heritage details.

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The folds, with axial strike N 45° E, are oblique to the general N 60° E trend of the Atlas. These folds are seldom symmetrical and, as in Morocco, the anticlines grade into stretch-thrusts at depth. The faults are well expressed throughout the domain. Contemporary E-W faults of the Atlasic phase display a dextral component. Most of these structures developed before or during the Middle Eocene. Triassic salt extrusions a re f requently encountered. Thei r emplacement is Atlasic, but some are younger and have affected the Miocene.

The whole succession is recut by calc-alkaline granitoids. These Pharusian II episodes are characteristic of an active margin environment. In its western part, the Pharusian chain consists of Archean and Eburnean cores, co vered b y M esoproterozoic q uartzites a nd Neoproterozoic s tromatolitic c arbonates a nd a volcano-detrital succession known as ”Green Series”. The Tilemsi zone in the west of the Tuareg shield corresponds to an island arc currently about 100km wide at o utcrop. Various t ypes o f i ntrusive ro cks o ccur, from ba nded t holeiitic ga bbros a nd ga bbro-norites dated at about 710 Ma, to calc-alkaline granodiorites at about 635 Ma.

Trompette, R . & S ougy, J. – In: The West A frican O rogens a nd Ci rcum-Atlantic C orrelation, R. D. Dahlmeyer & J. P. ), 17–122; Springer Verlag, Berlin. Alcard, P. – Bull. Directorate Fédér. Min. Géol. Africaine Occidentale Francaise 23, 1–226; Dakar. , P ougnet, R . & Sl ansky, M . – BRGM, Orleans. – Bur. Rech. Géol. Miner. Paris; Paris. , Trompette, R. & Bellion, Y. – In: The West African Orogens and Circum-Atlantic Correlation, R. D. Dahlmeyer & J. P. ), 65–82; Springer Verlag, Berlin.

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