Gold and Other Precious Metals: From Ore to Market by Claudia Gasparrini

By Claudia Gasparrini

A view of gold and different valuable steel extractions from a brand new and wider attitude, taking in either the earth and the metallurgical sciences. to call yet a small variety of the subjects coated: - Occurrences of gold and silver minerals of their ores - Photomicrographs of refractory and amenable minerals/ores - using abnormal gold and silver distributions for effective making plans of the extraction technique - Microanalytical innovations - Descriptions of uranium and lots of base metals for comparability. Written with a extensive viewers in brain, from the chief of operations to the metallurgist, for the sector geologist or different earth scientist, and for the professor and pupil alike.

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It may then lead to the choice of the portions of the same ore to be exploited. A similar reasoning applies to the study of the other precious metals, when unevenly distributed. Exploitation of the high grade portions of the ore only may in fact give better results by consuming less of the recovery agent and by saving time. Sometimes perhaps even by producing higher gold extractions. This last alternative would be particularly suitable for 29 ores where the higher concentration levels are coupled with higher solubility in cyanide, like in the following case study.

Fig. 5. Native gold in pyrite (A) and secondary iron oxide (B) giving different types of recoveries, as a direct result of different host mineral permeability. Although much filler, the gold associated with the secondary iron oxide leaches freely , due to the ease of penetration of the cyanide into the hollow layering, thus only requiring a coarse grinding. The gold associated with the pyrite requires fine grinding for satisfactory recoveries , because it is compact and free of fractures. Host mineral permeability is the reason why unresponsive or impermeable pyrite becomes amenable to cyanidation, following the roasting process which converts it into iron oxide.

In addition to the expertise, an important requirement for a microanalyst (and mineralogist) is that he communicates effectively with the mine geologist, with the metallurgist and with the decision making staff of the company that has engaged his services. Such is the only way in which he can become familiar with the actual nature of the deposit, then convey the correct information back to all of those individuals. Being the expert, it is logical to expect that he is the one to decide on the choice of the type and number of samples that are representative enough for the proper description of the precious metal distributions.

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