Good Manners on the Phone by Ann Ingalls

By Ann Ingalls

Explains what cellphone manners are, how they need to be used, and in what events they need to be used.

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On may well 6, 1937, the prestigious airship Hindenburg stuck fireplace in the course of its touchdown in Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 36 humans. A German zeppelin, the Hindenburg used to be the biggest airship ever equipped. It made a number of transatlantic trips, delivering passengers convenience and comfort through the years of the nice melancholy.

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It’s one of those things. It’s a mechanical wolf in sheep’s clothing. But it’s getting dark outside. You can’t see very well. What if this is blood, his blood, all over me and it just looked like oil? He had to know for sure. Sheldon was wet, cold, tired, and on the verge of a mental breakdown. The revolver suddenly became massive, as if he were trying to hold up an ICBM. He closed both hands around the grip and could still barely keep the muzzle pointed toward the vehicle. When he reached the open door he nudged the body splayed out in the front seat with his foot.

He smacked his lips, running his tongue around the edge of his mouth, and then swallowed a few times. As quickly as it had blown in, the storm was already passing. The rain was letting up. He saw a few stars peeking out from behind cracks in the edges of the thunder clouds. It was time to get up. He slowly worked himself up to his knees. He swayed back and forth, almost losing consciousness. His shoulder bumped into what was left of the cop. It rocked back and forth and then crashed to the ground.

Maybe that’s what Oli was doin’ with you. ” “Look, sir, you need to get out of here. The parade. ” Another stream of chaw shot from his dried and stained lips. “I stormed the beaches of Normandy. No need to worry about me. They opened the backs and we all dived into water over our heads. Some of us drowned. Some of us were mowed down by hungry bullets. I barely escaped myself. My brothers. They tried to take me down into the water too. Grabbed my feet and legs. ” “I . . have to go,” Sheldon meant to back away (run away) from the old man, but he tightened his grip on his arm.

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