Hell Hath No Fury (Multiverse, Book 2) by David Weber, Linda Evans

By David Weber, Linda Evans

It all started with males. They got here from very diverse worlds—entirely different universes, in fact—one utilizing sorcery and the opposite utilizing psychological powers and steam-age know-how. They met in a virgin woodland on a replica planet Earth. Neither aspect is aware who shot first, yet every one blames the opposite, and it doesn't actually matter, now, simply because conflict has started.
War among the universes is the very last thing dependable leaders on both sides wish. however the fury in their respective populations, xenophobic worry of the unknown, and cries for "justice" (or vengeance), are all riding either side in the direction of the threshold. And unscrupulous, power-hungry men—and Arcana and Sharona alike—have agendas in their personal.
The fuse has been lit, and a struggle stretching around the universes, fought among dragons, spells, and crossbows and repeating rifles, desktop weapons, and artillery is erupting in white-hot rage and fury. the place it is going to end—and how—no one knows

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