Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure (2nd by William Thomas Fernie

By William Thomas Fernie

Examine through Dr William Thomas Fernie, first released in 1895. "From primitive instances the time period "Herbal Simple" has been utilized to any homely healing treatment which include one component purely, and that of a vegetable nature."

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The plant whilst growing at the foot of the cross. Several of the above appellations bear reference to the stimulating effects of the herb on the sexual organs. Its tuberous root has been found to contain a particular volatile acrid principle which exercises distinct medicinal effects, though these are altogether dissipated if the roots are subjected to heat by boiling or baking. When tasted, the fresh juice causes an acrid burning irritation of the mouth and throat ; also, if swallowed it will produce a red raw state of the palate and tongue, with cracked lips.

It is purple, furrowed, and downy, bearing white flowers tinged with pink. But the herb is not useful as a simple until cultivated in our gardens, the larger variety being chosen for this purpose, and bearing the name Archangelica. " It came to this country from northern latitudes in 1568. The aromatic stems are grown abundantly near London in moist fields for the use of confectioners. These stems, when candied, are sold as a favourite sweetmeat. They are grateful to the feeble stomach, and will relieve flatulence promptly.

Once more, the noted John Wesley gave to the world in 1769 an admirable little treatise on Primitive Physic, or an Easy and Natural Method for Curing most Diseases ; the medicines on which he chiefly relied being our native plants. For asthma, he advised the sufferer to "live a fortnight on boiled Carrots o n l y " ; for "baldness, to wash the head with a decoction of Boxwood " ; INTRODUCTION. " In Wesley's day tradition only, with shrewd guesses and close observation, led him to prescribe these remedies.

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