[(Heterogeneous Hydrocarbon Oxidation)] [Author: B.K. by Barbara K. Warren and S. Ted Oyama (Eds.)

By Barbara K. Warren and S. Ted Oyama (Eds.)

content material: elements affecting selectivity in catalytic partial oxidation and combustion reactions / S. Ted Oyama --
Selectivity in heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons / J. Haber --
Selectivity concerns in methane catalytic combustion / Ralph A. Dalla Betta and Daniel G. Löffler --
Ignition and extinction of hydrogen-air and methane-air combinations over platinum and palladium / F. Behrendt, O. Deutschmann, R. Schmidt, and J. Warnatz --
a brand new classification of uranium oxide dependent catalysts for the oxidative destruction of benzene and butane risky natural compounds / Graham J. Hutchings, Catherine S. Heneghan, Ian D. Hudson, and Stuart H. Taylor --
Partial oxidation of methane on low-surface-area SiO₂-Si-supported vanadia catalysts / Miguel A. Bañares, Luis J. Alemany, Francisco Martin-Jiménez, J. Miguel Blasco, Manuel López Granados, Miguel A. Peña, and José L.G. Fierro --
brief learn of the functionality of oxygen in methane coupling over the conductive ceramics Li₀.₉Ni₀.₅Co₀.₅O₂x / D. Qin, A. Ovenston, A. Villar, and J.R. partitions --
Oxidative coupling of methane via adsorbed oxygen species on SrTi₁₋xMgxO₃₋[delta] catalysts / Keiichi Tomishige, Xiao-hong Li, and Kaoru Fujimoto --
Partial oxidation of butane at microsecond touch instances / D.A. Goetsch, P.M. Witt, and L.D. Schmidt --
The catalytic task of Wells-Dawson and Keggin heteropolyoxotungstates within the selective oxidation of isobutane to isobutene / Fabrizio Cavani, Clara Comuzzi, Giuliano Dolcetti, Richard G. Finke, Arianna Lucchi, Ferruccio Trifirò, and Alessandro Trovarelli --
elements picking out the selectivity within the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over boria-alumina catalysts / O.V. Buyevskaya, M. Kubik, and M. Baerns --
The oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over molybdenum-containing catalysts : the influence of help pretreatment on catalytic functionality / Azra Yasmeen, Frederic C. Meunier, and Julian R.H. Ross --
Partial oxidation of C₅ hydrocarbons to maleic and phthalic anhydrides over molybdate-based catalysts / Umit S. Ozkan, Rachel E. Gooding, and Brian T. Schilf --
Activation of n-pentane on magnesium-vanadium catalysts / S.A. Korili, P. Ruiz, and B. Delmon --
identity of energetic websites and constitution sensitivity of the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over vanadium magnesium oxide catalysts / Amalia Pantazidis and Claude Mirodatos --
promoting of selectivity to propene in Mg₃V₂O catalysts through oxygen spillover within the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane / S.R.G. Carrazán, M. Ruwet, P. Ruiz, and B. Delmon --
Vanadium phosphate catalyst : excellent constitution, actual constitution, and balance sector / P.T. Nguyen and A.W. Sleight --
Mechanism of selective oxidation of butane to maleic anhydride on vanadyl pyrophosphate catalysts : quantum chemical description / J. Haber, R. Tokarz, and M. Witko --
The mechanism of catalytic ammoxidation of propane and propene over vanadium antimony oxides / Sigurd A. Buchholz and Horst W. Zanthoff --
Selective partial oxidation of [alpha]-olefins over iron antimony oxide / E. van Steen, M. Schnobel, and C.T. O'Connor --
The task and selectivity houses of supported steel oxide catalysts in the course of oxidation reactions / I.E. Wachs, G. Deo, J-M. Jehng, D.S. Kim, and H. Hu --
improvement of hydrotalcite catalysts in heterogeneous Baeyer-Villiger oxidation / Kiyotomi Kaneda and Shinji Ueno --
The oxidative ammonolysis of ethylene to acetonitrile over [gamma]-Al₂O₃-supported molybdenum catalysts / I. Peeters, J. van Grondelle, and R.A. van Santen --
Catalytic cooperation through spillover of oxygen : dehydration-dehydrogenation of 2-butanol over SnO₂-MoO₃ catalysts / E.M. Gaigneaux, D. Herla, P. Tsiakaras, U. Roland, P. Ruiz, and B. Delmon --
interplay of CO₂ with ZnO powders of other microcrystalline surfaces / A. Guerrero-Ruiz and that i. Rodriguez-Ramos --
Alkene oxidation on Pd(100) : overall, no longer partial / Xing-Cai Guo and Robert J. Madix --
Catalytic methane oxidation at low temperatures utilizing ozone / W. Li and S. Ted Oyama --
Alkane oxidation on vanadium silicalite in comparison to titanium silicalite / T. Tatsumi, Y. Hirasawa, and J. Tsuchiya --
Retardation of carbon deposition in CO₂-CH₄ response on steel sulfide catalysts / Toshihiko Osaki --
Short-chain alkane activation : an research of SO₂-promoted propane oxidation over Pt(111) and Pt-AlOx version structures / Karen Wilson, Christopher Hardacre, and Richard M. Lambert --
Selective photooxidation of small hydrocarbons via O₂ with noticeable mild in zeolites / Hai solar, Fritz Blatter, and Heinz Frei --
Photocatalytic destruction of motor vehicle exhaust emissions / P.D. Kaviratna and C.H.F. Peden.

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C. Nature 1994, 368, 41. ; Bond, G. C. Catal. 95; Elsevier: Amsterdam, 1995. Ertl, G. Catal. 1990, 37, 213. Slinko, M . M . ; Jaeger, N. I. Catal. 86; Elsevier: Amsterdam, 1994. Ertl, G. Sci. 1994, 299/300, 742. Kilty, P. ; Sachtler, W. M . H. Eng. 1974, 10, 1. van Santen, R. ; Kuipers, H. P. E. Catal. 1987, 35, 265. Bol, C. W. ; Friend, C. M . Chem. 1995, 99, 11930. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1996. ch003 Ralph A. Dalla Betta and Daniel G. , 430 Ferguson Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043 In the catalytic combustion of methane, both the catalytic reactions and the downstream radical combustion processes can influence the selectivity to C O and CO .

These data suggest another interesting Final combustion temperature, °C factor, that is, that the equilibrium CO level is Figure 6. Calculated reaction time to achieve a CO dependent on the final concentration of 1x10"^ mol fraction for final temperature. This can be seen from Figure 5 combustor temperatures from 1000 to 1400°C. where at 1400°C the CO concentration levels off at about 2x10~ mol fraction while at lower temperatures the equilibrium C O level is substantially less. The effect of equilibrium on the achievable C O level is shown in more detail in Figure 6 where the equilibrium C O level at final combustor temperatures from 1000 to 1500°C is shown for pressures from 1 to 20 atm.

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