Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, Perversion by Fritz Morgenthaler

By Fritz Morgenthaler

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These processes of consciousness dissipate with the beginning of the latency period of repression . During adolescence, under the pressure of the sexual drives, the repressed aspects reemerge in the homosexual object selection. It is only then that homosexuality becomes integrated by means of the constantly effective, conscious process that characterizes the third turning of the switches. The reorientation is the result of a conscious coming to terms with one's homosexuality and leads to a separation between the conditions a love life requires and the conditions that force an adaptation to society.

It seems to me that something fundamental went wrong in the manner the questions were posed, and so, too, in all attempts to answer them . This can be demonstrated in the very delineation of what homosexuality is supposed to be . One accepts the popular definition and follows the vernacular, which describes graphic but superficial forms of appearances. The mistake in reasoning that happened to me and many others is based on the fact that the thesis of the polar opposition between heterosexuality and homosexuality went unquestioned and was uncritically and mutely integrated into theory as a fact.

Only at the peak of the oedipal conflict does it become the focus of the child's interest, when, through sexual curiosity, the child discovers sexual characteristics and differences and associates these specifically with the erotic feelings directed towards the oedipal love partner. The manner in which the child makes the connection between the desexualized, socially effective sexual roles of the parental figures and their biological sexual characteristics determines the subsequent sexual organization of the adult woman and the adult man.

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