Iceland Geodynamics: Crustal Deformation and Divergent Plate by Freysteinn Sigmundsson

By Freysteinn Sigmundsson

This e-book offers a precis of geodynamic effects from Iceland that shortly are present in lots of clinical articles, yet haven't been gathered earlier than in a publication. The ever expanding variety of scientists attracted to geology and geophysics of Iceland may still locate the ebook a "must" to realize wisdom approximately past paintings and the prestige of information approximately Iceland.

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Volcanic zones of Iceland. The volcanic rift zones include the Northern Volcanic Zone (NVZ), the Western Volcanic Zone (WVZ), the Eastern Volcanic Rift Zone (EVRZ), and the Reykjanes Peninsula (RP) oblique rift. The volcanic ¯ank zones (with little or no rifting) are the Snñfellsnes, OÈrñfajoÈkull±Snñfell and the South Iceland Flank Zone (SIFZ). Together the SIFZ and the EVRZ are termed the Eastern Volcanic Zone (EVZ). the EVZ has only developed north of the TorfajoÈkull area. South of it, the EVZ may be termed the South Iceland Flank Zone (SIFZ), whereas north of it is termed the Eastern Volcanic Rift Zone (EVRZ).

As a consequence, the central axis of the plate boundary drifts also westward relative to the mantle plume underlying Iceland. The HS3±NUVEL1A model averages plate motion for only the last few million years but models of hotspot tracks for the North Atlantic over longer time intervals show comparable trends, with the majority of the absolute motion (relative to the Iceland Plume) being taken up by the North American Plate. , Morgan, 1983). 4) is due to the Iceland Mantle Plume, and the Greenland±Scotland Ridge has been suggested to be the track of the Iceland Hotspot.

5 PLUME±RIDGE INTERACTION AND THE ICELAND HOTSPOT SWELL Fluid-dynamical models appropriate for the Iceland Mantle Plume are those considering a ridge-centred plume. The interaction of a mantle plume and a midocean ridge has to be considered. A series of models has been calculated for Iceland, including those of Ito et al. (1996, 1999), Conrad et al. (2004), and Marquart and Schmeling (2004). An overview of observations and models of mantle-plume±MAR interaction is given by Ito et al. (2003). 1 Topography and gravity A number of earlier models had problems ®tting all observational constraints of plume±ridge interaction in the North Atlantic, including crustal structure, bathymetry, gravimetry, and width of geochemical anomalies.

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