Immortality Option by James P. Hogan

By James P. Hogan

Hogan's acclaimed Code of the Lifemaker (1983) brought the Taloids, extraterrestrial beings who had settled their tradition of self-replicating machines on Saturn's moon, Titan, and lately been came across by way of earthlings. This e-book reveals that the final house organisations company (GSEC), the Titan mission's overseer, has failed up to now in its crusade to realize the Taloids' cooperation and expertise for GSEC's personal better revenue and glory yet has unwittingly encouraged the Taloids to alternative a brand new faith of brotherhood for his or her local creed of worship in their legendary author, the Lifemaker. Then, whilst a Titan-based workforce member is killed, GSEC, vowing to safe Taloid know-how via strength, sends in its army. What none of Earth's leaders or scientists suspects is that the Lifemakers (note the plural) are nonetheless current, looking at the clash via machine-based eyes. even supposing Hogan commits the literary transgression of creating the subplot about the Lifemakers' origins extra fascinating than the most tale line, his outstanding hard-science speculations at the likely never-ending chances of computing device intelligence raise this sequel above the extent of its predecessor.

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Not when. Not even who. That must have been one bad EM pulse, Doctor. Plane crash? Tach storm? " Another four hours later, Torvalli turns to the small, olive-skinned woman in dark-as-night clothes. "I can't believe it. They're the same. Exactly the same. " She crosses her legs, looks uncomfortable for a moment. "That's what we found as well. " "It's ghastly! He's been copied! It's almost as if he were mere code. Do you know what this means? " she interrupts. "Yes. Two point three-seven-five. Exactly the same.

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