Inorganic Plant Nutrition, 1st Edition by A. Läuchli, R. L. Bieleski (auth.), Professor Dr. André

By A. Läuchli, R. L. Bieleski (auth.), Professor Dr. André Läuchli, Dr. Roderick Leon Bieleski (eds.)

The first ebook bearing the identify of this quantity, Inorganic Plant nutrients, was once written by way of D. R. HOAGLAND of the collage of California at Berkeley. As indicated by way of its prolonged name, Lectures at the Inorganic foodstuff of vegetation, it's a number of lectures - the toilet M. PRATHER lectures, which he was once invited in 1942 to offer. at Harvard college and provided there among April 10 and 23 of that yr - forty-one years sooner than the ebook of the current quantity. They weren't "originally meant for book" yet thankfully HOAGLAND was once persuaded to submit them; the e-book seemed in 1944. it could actually in the beginning blush appear beside the point to attract comparisons among a e-book embodying a suite of lectures through a unmarried writer and an encyclopedic quantity without lower than 37 participants. yet HOAGLAND'S ebook was once a compre­ hensive account of the country of this technological know-how in his time, because the current quantity is for ours. It used to be then nonetheless attainable for one individual, at the least for an individual of HOAGLAND'S highbrow breadth and catholicity of pursuits, to surround many significant components of the complete box, from the soil substrate to the metabolic roles of nitrogen, potassium, and different foodstuff, and from simple medical issues to the applying of plant dietary examine in fixing difficulties encountered within the field.

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As the photosynthetic activity of these plant parts or organs is generally low or even absent, they act as a "sink" for assimilates produced in other plant parts (" source "). 1 General Introduction to the Mineral Nutrition of Plants stances the sink itself exerts an important regulatory function and can be ratelimiting for yield formation. This source-sink relationship is determined by phytohormones in a more or less specific manner, and this has been demonstrated in a number of cases. For further information the reader is referred to a comprehensive review article by MICHAEL and BERINGER (1980).

Another instructive example of its regulatory function has been described recently in chloroplasts where a concentration of approximately 10 mM in the stroma almost completely inhibits starch synthesis (HELDT et al. 1977). The control seems to be exerted mainly via the allosteric regulation of ADPG-pyrophosphorylase by Pi' From these results obtained with chloroplasts one might speculate that in starch-storing seeds such as cereal grains, phytin (Chap. 2) might not only have the function as storage for phosphate and inorganic cations (LOTI and BUTTROSE 1978) but also take part in the regulation of starch synthesis.

At least in intact roots (MARSCHNER and RICHTER 1974) or stolons of growing potato tubers (KRAUSS and MARSCHNER 1973) it is not possible to observe long-distance transport of calcium within the phloem in the direction of the apical meristems. Retranslocation of calcium after leaf application of 45Ca can be demonstrated only when high concentrations of calcium are applied (RrNGOET et al. 1968) or when calcium is supplied combined with a complexing agent directly to the leaf veins (MILLIKAN and HANGER 1969).

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