Inorganic Thermochromism by Prof. Dr. Kozo Sone, Prof. Dr. Yutaka Fukuda (auth.)

By Prof. Dr. Kozo Sone, Prof. Dr. Yutaka Fukuda (auth.)

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6). 25 shown in the thermochromism of sec-BuOH Other factors, involving various polarity characteristics of the alcohols and the modes of their changes with temperature or pressure, are also expected to influence the phenomena. In the case of the "water effect", the situation is further complicated; the relative coordination tendencies of the alcohols, CI- and H 2 0, and the relative stabilities of the tetrahedral and octahedral species in various alcohol-water mixtures, have to be compared, so that the number of factors to be considered is indeed large.

Chap. VI). In most cases, the change begins at y = 2. N. 4 ([Co(Solv)zCl z]), but according to Sawada and Suzuki [49] that in acetic acid has C. N. = 6, ([Co(Solv)4 Clz]), while an equilibrium between these two species is established with pyridine derivatives. N. of the dichloro species formed in aqueous solutions (cf. above) is also somewhat dubious; although Zeltmann et al. assumed it to be 4 [37], we suspect it to be 6. One of our reasons is that CoClz. 6H zO is composed of trans-[Co(HzO)4Clz] and 2H zO; thus, it seems natural to assume the existence of the same species in solution, from which such crystals separate out upon concentration.

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