Introduction to Cane Sugar Technology by G. H. Jenkins

By G. H. Jenkins

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This necessitated heavy chains and rakes to cope with the quantity of bagasse at such a low speed, and with increasing crushing rates speeds have been increased; more­ over, the maceration bath principle is not much used at present, as the indi­ cations are that time of contact is not of much importance. Fig. 3/20. Maceration bath carrier. References p. 48 46 MILLING PLANT Ch. 3 Meinecke chute The fixed chute or Meinecke chute has no moving parts and consists of an enclosed chute sloping upwards at about 30° to the horizontal, after which it descends to the following mill at an angle of about 40°.

A Cardan shaft with universal joints at each end is used in some cases, particularly by continental manufacturers, and gives a better drive from a mechanical point of view. Individual and combined drives For reasons of economy and simplicity two or more mills may be driven by one engine or turbine; tandems of eleven rollers are often driven by a single engine. In Java and in Queensland, on the other hand, the general practice has been to use an individual engine for each mill. While this is more expensive in first cost it is preferred on account of the ease of individual speed control MILLING TANDEM 39 for each mill; this is a great advantage where canes of widely differing fibre content are crushed.

C O M B I N A T I O N S OF CANE P R E P A R A T O R S Various combinations of the different types of preparator are in use. The general system in Australia consists of intensive knife preparation by two sets of knives followed by a Searby shredder. With softer canes the shredder is often omitted and experience indicates that with soft canes satisfactory preparation can be obtained in this way. With a fibre content above 11% or 12%, however, it is generally agreed that a shredder is necessary to give adequate preparation.

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