Irish Biblical Apocrypha by Máire Herbert, martin J. McNamara

By Máire Herbert, martin J. McNamara

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I t is n o t a t all j u s t " , s a i d t h e d e v i l to t h e s e r p e n t , " t h a t y o u s h o u l d b e t h u s o n t h e o u t s i d e , d e s p i t e y o u r c l e v e r n e s s a n d c u n n i n g . F o r it i s a g r e a t w r o n g t h a t t h e m o s t j u n i o r b e i n g i n c r e a t i o n s h o u l d b e h o n o u r e d a b o v e y o u . It w o u l d n o t b e a m a j o r c r i m e t o c a u s e h a r m o r t e m p t a t i o n to b e f a l l h i m , s i n c e y o u w e r e IRISH BIBLICAL APOCRYPHA c r e a t e d b e f o r e A d a m , a n d y o u s h o u l d not h a v e t o b o w to y o u r J u n i o r " .

James H, Charlesworth (assisted by P. Dykers), The Pseudepigrapha and Modem Research (Sodety of Biblical Literature Septuagint and Cognate Studies, no. 7), Missoula, Montana,-Scholars Press (for The Sodety of Biblical Literature), 1976, 26-27, In the Corpus Christianorum Series Apocryphorum publidty pamphlet; also in Francois Bovon, "Vers une nouvdle Edition de la litterature apocryphe chretienne. La Series ttpoayphontm du Carpus cinistianarum", in Gli Apocrifi cristiam e cristianizzati (XI Incontro di studiosi deU'antichita cristiana), Augustinianum 23{1983),373-376 See the discussion on "Canonical and Apocryphal" and "The I-Ustory of the New Testament Canon" by W.

Vii-viii:"Magno in numcro habcndus est auctor qui in Irlanda Testamentum Mariae gaelice confedt. Quod iUe solus narrationem retinuit de itinere in Aegyptum, quod solus probationem Pauli retulit et quod de itinere per transmundana testimonium servavit, satis est argumcnti eius adhuc tempore codices graecos vei latinos exsti tisse multo integriores codjdbus nobis hodie nofis. Hoc autem dolendum est quod qui acutiorcs de variis Transitibus scripserunt, hunc librum gaelicum, mole exiguum, momento vero magnum, utpole perrarum in eiiropaeis vel maximis bibliotheds, inspicere non potuerunt.

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