Islamic Faith in America by James A. Beverley

By James A. Beverley

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They all made jokes and they said that you look funny. You ran into the bathroom and your friends began to scoff,  Isl amic Faith in Americ a After that encounter you had planned to take it off, But then you thought how much Allah likes how you’re dressin’. Pleasin’ him was top priority to you no question. You walk right out of the bathroom with a super-strong conviction. You realized in this world we Muslims have a mission! Muslims in Hollywood Hollywood films have not been particularly kind to Muslims, who are often portrayed as terrorists, or simply as backward and uneducated.

He left in 1954 to attend the University of California at Los Angeles, because he wanted to make films. When he graduated, Akkad started working for legendary di- THE ALADDIN CONTROVERSY When the Walt Disney animated movie Aladdin opened in 1993, some American Muslims were upset over content that they felt presented a negative image of the Islamic world. One of the lyrics on the soundtrack was the target of much criticism: “Oh, I come from a land, From a faraway place, Where the caravan camels roam.

Meeting at the Presidential retreat in Camp David, he sought to bring Israel and the Palestinians closer together through compromise and real efforts at peace. But in the end, PLO Chief Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak were unable to reach a deal. Both leaders returned to the Middle East, with the only certainty being that of increased tension and violence. American Islam Reflects the World Today, the result of these many events, and dozens of others, can be seen in the diversity of Islam as it is practiced in the United States.

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