It's Test Day, Tiger Turcotte by Pansie Hart Flood

By Pansie Hart Flood

Seven-year-old Tiger Turcotte has been dreading going to category simply because this day is the day he has to take The try. Armed together with his fortunate tiger-striped pencils, Tiger?s prepared. the 1st 5 questions pass okay?they?re easy?and the remainder of the try isn?t so undesirable both, yet Tiger?s scared. He left query quantity six clean. He didn?t be aware of which little bubble to fill in?was he alleged to choose the Black bubble, the Hispanic bubble, the local American bubble, or different? He?s yes that not anyone else in his classification had a similar challenge, yet he doesn?t wish them to determine he?s assorted! With a bit aid from his dad and his instructor, Tiger discovers that appearances might be deceiving, and perhaps he?s now not so assorted in spite of everything.

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My dad is a fireman. He works a few days. 4 99 Then he is off a few days. “Hey, Tiger! ” Dad said when he pulled up. “I need to do a small job at one of the duplexes. ” “Okay, Dad,” I said. 50 My mom and dad own some duplexes. That’s when two little houses are stuck together. Taking care of those places is kinda like my dad’s other job. Sometimes he pays me to help. I even get to do grown-up stuff like hammering and painting. We stopped at Ms. Betty’s house to fix a lock on her patio door. Ms. Betty opened her front door and said, “Well, hello!

Donna Overton was hanging upside down. 4 44 Red hair. Freckles. Light skin. That’s the White bubble, I decided. A group of girls were playing double Dutch with jump ropes. I watched them out of the corner of my eye as I walked by. Collette and Rhonda were jumping together. Black, I decided. Then I checked out the rope twirlers. Yaka was on one side. I knew she was Japanese. She musta bubbled Asian. Patricia was on the other end of the ropes. What was she? I wondered. ” 4 66 I walked away fast like I didn’t hear her.

Newel stooped beside me. She smiled a very strange smile. She looked like something hurt. ” asked Ms. Newel. “Yes, he is Black. He’s also part Meherrin Indian,” I told her. “Well, what about your mother, Tiger? ” Ms. Newel asked. “My mom is from Costa Rica,” I said. “That means she’s Hispanic,” said Ms. Newel. 37 7 Ms. White came back over to my desk. “Tiger, I think you should bubble in Black,” she said. Then Ms. Newel said, “No! ” She said that like she was mad at Ms. White and me. “No! Excuse me, but I don’t think Tiger’s father would go for that,” said Ms.

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