Jahangir's India by W.H. Moreland

By W.H. Moreland

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Its quality can be easily judged, even without examining the inside of it, for it is much lighter In order to judge indigo with in the hand than the nauti. at before midday in the it be looked should certainty, will is it if it sunshine; glisten and show various pure, a so that like rainbow, colours, owing to the variations no * The text is ambiguous, and it is not clear from says the ashes were placed. 1 Two words are omitted here as unintelligible. it where Pelsaert JAHANGIR'S INDIA 12 opinion of the colour can be formed.

Rs. 140,000 60,000 15,000 . Rs. 215,000 From this total must be deducted the heavy loss, or dryage, of spices, which is here 8 per cent, for cloves, and 3 to 4 per cent, for mace and nutmeg, as well as the cost of bringing the goods up, which however would not be so much felt on so large a capital as it is now. If we were provided with such a stock, we should be able to meet whatever indents our employers might make on Agra for Holland or Batavia, say, 1000 to 1200 bales of Bayana indigo; large supplies of saltpetre, borax and lac; and some cotton goods (viz.

All the nobles curse the place, for it makes the rich poor, and the poor cannot fill because everything is excessively the but dear; King prefers his own comfort or apparently their stomachs there, pleasure to the welfare of his people. Kashmir yields nothing for export to Agra except saffron, of which there are two kinds. That which grows near the Agra at 20 to 24 rupees the ser; the other kind, which grows at Casstuwary, 10 kos distant, is the best, and city sells in 1 This sentence is obscure.

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