Jesus Never Lived! Volume 2 Jesus and Plato on Hell by Laurence E. Dalton, Shirley Strutton Dalton

By Laurence E. Dalton, Shirley Strutton Dalton

In our sequence at the nonexistence of Jesus Christ the most proof is located in “Jesus by no means Lived! quantity 1 Jesus Christ: A Pagan Myth.” “Jesus by no means Lived! quantity 2 Jesus and Plato on Hell” is a supplemental quantity which examines the Pagan perspectives on how one is kept and at the afterlife as present in Plato and the Stoic writings of Seneca. those pagan perspectives are then in comparison with the Christian perspectives present in the Gospel of Mark and within the letters of Paul. Our end is that Christian perspectives on salvation and the character of the afterlife have been derived from the pagan international, therefore offering extra facts for the legendary Jesus. Jesus Christ by no means lived. Jesus is a pagan fable. Christ is a literary fiction. “Jesus by no means Lived! quantity 2 Jesus and Plato on Hell” solutions the subsequent questions: half 1 Do solid deeds on my own keep humans? religion and sturdy deeds? religion on my own? Do bloody sacrifices retailer us? used to be no longer the legendary Jesus a bloody sacrifice? half 2 Why does an excellent and robust God now not damage evil? half three Is there a Hell and Heaven? Do people have unfastened will or does God be certain every thing? Why did the legendary Jesus think that every one non-Christians visit Hell? Why did legendary Jesus think that the majority Christians visit Hell? Is it ethical for God to trick people in order that they will visit Hell? Why did Christians borrow the ideals on salvation and at the afterlife from the traditional pagans? Why did Thomas Jefferson think that institutionalized Christianity was once “a perverted religion?” For extra, see the glance inside of characteristic for the desk of Contents, and so forth. additionally, see: “Jesus by no means Lived! quantity 1 Jesus Christ: A Pagan Myth”: presents facts for the concept the foundation of Christianity was once pagan. Jesus by no means existed; he used to be the pagan construction of a few of the Paulinists (followers of the apostle Paul). “Jesus by no means Lived! quantity three The Pagan Morals of Jesus Christ” presents supplementary proof that Jesus is a pagan delusion through displaying that Christian ethics have been derived from the pagan global, fairly from the Roman Stoics.

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Replacing reason with rationalizations to justify one's ethics is not philosophy. Any one thing in creation is sufficient to demonstrate a Providence to a humble and grateful mind. Epictetus, Discourses, i, 16. At least a mind that is seeking to provide evidence for an all good mother nature, which is in turn used to justify Stoic humanism. Condemning the Godless Here, Seneca condemns atheists and others who argue that God or Nature gives no benefits and so is not good, denying Divine Providence.

What about murder, war, disease and death? Are these gifts from the all good God (Nature)? Or are they bestowed on us by an evil God, one that creates or at least sustains evil in the Cosmos; or is Nature simply ethically neutral? To the Stoics Nature could not be evil. After all, are we to do evil to humans because God does? This would violate the humanistic ethics which the Roman Stoics of the Empire inherited. Their philosophy was merely a rationalization for their humanism. , were not evils.

Why Evil Men Prosper and the Good Suffer Seneca It is a common argument against the justice of Providence, in the matter of reward and punishment, "The misfortune of good men in this world, and the prosperity of the wicked;" but it is an easy matter to vindicate the cause of the gods. Man is kept in the world against his will; but adversity is the better for us all for it is God's mercy to show the world their errors…. Seneca 52 JESUS AND PLATO ON HELL So God gives us wars and plagues to show the world its moral errors.

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