Keeping the Breath in Mind & Lessons in Samadhi by Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

By Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

It is a the best way to ebook. It teaches liberation of the brain no longer as a min-boggling thought, yet as a really uncomplicated ability that begins with maintaining the breath in brain. the lessons are drawn from the works of Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, one in all Thailand's most famous lecturers of Buddhist meditation.

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You may see a vision of yourself prospering as a lord or master, a great emperor or king, wealthy and influential. If you let yourself feel pleased, that’s indulgence in pleasure. You’ve strayed from the Middle Path. Or you may see yourself as something you wouldn’t care to be: a pig or a dog, a bird or a rat, crippled or deformed. If you let yourself get upset, that’s indulgence in selfaffliction — and again, you’ve strayed from the path. Some people really let themselves get carried away: As soon as they start seeing things, they begin to think that they’re special, somehow better than other people.

Knowing various ways of improving the breath; breathing, for example, in long and out long, in short and out short, in short and out long, in long and out short, until you come across the breath most comfortable for you: This is Right Undertaking. Knowing how to use the breath to purify the blood, how to let this purified blood nourish the heart muscles, how to adjust the breath so that it eases the body and soothes the mind, how to breathe so that you feel full and refreshed in body and mind: This is Right Livelihood.

You can’t straighten them out, because they’re just images, deceiving you. The Buddha thus taught that whoever isn’t acquainted with the self, the body, the mind and its shadows, is suffering from avijjà — darkness, deluded knowledge. Whoever thinks the mind is the self, the self is the mind, the mind is its concepts — whoever has everything all mixed up like this — is lost, like a person lost in the jungle. To be lost in the jungle 63 brings countless hardships. There are wild beasts to worry about, problems in finding food to eat and a place to sleep.

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