Kiwifruit: The Genus ACTINIDIA by Hongwen Huang

By Hongwen Huang

Kiwifruit: The Genus ACTINIDIA comprises huge and entire assurance of medical and utilized info, starting from easy taxonomy, inhabitants genetics, and common resources/distribution, to domestication heritage and breeding/cultivars, additionally together with additional info on tradition and foreign construction and commercialization.

The ebook gathers info no longer formerly to be had within the English language, delivering an authoritative reference for execs, together with taxonomists, horticulturist, breeders, conservationists, kiwifruit technicians, collage academics, policymakers within the undefined, and governments. as well as these within the educational sectors, horticultural and botanical fans will locate the data offered hugely accessible.

  • Presents the 1st global monograph at the genus Actinidia (kiwifruit)
  • Provides up to date learn according to “everything kiwi”, together with new and important info on kiwi germplasm and taxonomy from China, the local state of kiwi
  • Includes authoritative and certain descriptions for every species, with large colour illustrations and knowledge accrued throughout the author’s 30 years of research

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Liang A. sabiifolia Dunn A. F. Liang A. Y. Chang A. F. Liang A. Y. Wu A. tetramera Maximowicz A. trichogyna Franchet A. F. Liang A. F. Liang A. umbelloides var. umbelloides A. umbelloides var. F. Liang A. valvata Dunn A. venosa Rehder A. Y. Wu A. F. Liang A. hypoleuca Nakai A. strigosa Hooker f. & Thomson 红茎猕猴桃(原变种) 革叶猕猴桃 昭通猕猴桃 糙叶猕猴桃 糙叶猕猴桃(原变种) 光茎猕猴桃 山梨猕猴桃 Important synonyms Chinese name A. petelotii Diels 沙巴猕猴桃 A. Y. S. Liu 截叶猕猴桃 A. tetramera var. F. Liang 巴东猕猴桃 A. valvata var. F. Liang A. venosa f.

Mo A. pilosula (Finet & Gagnepain) Stapf ex Handel-Mazzetti A. polygama (Siebold & Zuccarini) Maximowicz A. G. G. Wang A. rubricaulis Dunn 无髯猕猴桃 9c 10 11 11a 11b 11c 11d 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 18a 18b 19 22a 22b 23 24 25 26 27 28 27a 27b 28a 28b 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Important synonyms Chinese name A. glaucophylla F. Chun A. glaucophylla var. asymmetrica (F. F. Liang A. glaucophylla var. F. Liang A. glaucophylla var. F. Liang A. F. Liang 华南猕猴桃 耳叶猕猴桃 团叶猕猴桃 粗叶猕猴桃 纤小猕猴桃 A. fulvicoma f. F. Liang A. F.

F. Liang A. melanandra var. F. Liang 圆果猕猴桃 河南猕猴桃 垩叶猕猴桃 褪粉猕猴桃 条叶猕猴桃 厚叶猕猴桃 粉叶猕猴桃 大花猕猴桃 长叶猕猴桃 蒙自猕猴桃 中越猕猴桃 中越猕猴桃(原变种) 卵圆叶猕猴桃 狗枣猕猴桃 阔叶猕猴桃(原变种) 长绒猕猴桃 两广猕猴桃 漓江猕猴桃 大籽猕猴桃 大籽猕猴桃(原变种) 梅叶猕猴桃 黑蕊猕猴桃 黑蕊猕猴桃(原变种) 美丽猕猴桃 倒卵叶猕猴桃 桃花猕猴桃 贡山猕猴桃 葛枣猕猴桃 融水猕猴桃 红茎猕猴桃 20 Kiwifruit: The Genus ACTINIDIA Continued Distribution 35a 35b 36 37 37a 37b 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 39a 39b 48a 48b 49 50 51 52 53 Japan 54 Nepal Species and varieties Chinese name A. rubricaulis var. rubricaulis A. rubricaulis var. F. Liang A. rubus H.

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