Kubjikā, Kālī, Tripurā, and Trika by Mark S G Dyczkowski

By Mark S G Dyczkowski

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65 SabdaräSiSca mälinyä vidyänäm tritayasya ca I sängopärtgasamäyuktam trikatantram karisyati I See Sanderson 1990: 32. A translation of this important reference is found in Dyczkowski (1987a: 84). It reads: The Trikatantra will be constructed by the conjunction o f the parts primary and secondary, o f the three. Vidyäs along with M älinl and Sabdaräii-. 64 The Parä mantra according to KMT 18/30b-31 is HSRÜAUM. According to TÄ 30/27-28b it is SAUH. Abhinavagupta tells us two variant forms found in the TriSirobhairavatantra , namely: SHAUH and HSAUH.

A n d once the Transm ental a t the en d o f the Void has been reached, w ho is it that is not fr e e d fr o m b o n d a g e ? "5 E m anation (srsti) (generated) fr o m the sequence (kram a) ab id es a lone in the Vulva, fa c in g dow nw ards. " 1’ K ubjikä is the energy 'beyond m in d ’ w hich leads to the pure transcendent B eing o f her consort. She is the Inexplicable (A näkhyä), W ithout N am e (A näm ä) not, prim arily, because she is the sem per e te m u m o f G od's B eing w hich encom passes past, present and future in its inexplicable sim ultaneity, although she is also this, but, above all, because she is, literally, beyond the m ind.

T hese w ere believed to B e lh e earliest ones, all o f w hich w ere derived from M atsyendranätha and his six disciples. As the system developed after the redaction o f the K M T, the nam e Pascim äm n äva rem ained but the w ord p ascim a cam e to be understood as m eaning 'w estern', w hich is its other com m on m eaning. T his was facilitated by the developm ent o f the parallel K ali cult w hich referred to itself as the U ttaräm näya lit. 'N orthern T radition' o r 'H igher T radition', possibly because it did.

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