Light Metals 2015 by Margaret Hyland, TMS

By Margaret Hyland, TMS

The 2015 assortment will comprise papers from the subsequent symposia:

  1. Alumina and Bauxite
  2. Aluminum Alloys: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications
  3. Aluminum Processing
  4. Aluminum relief Technology
  5. Cast store for Aluminum Production
  6. Electrode expertise for Aluminum Production
  7. Strip Casting of sunshine Metals

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Due to the excellent result of laboratory tests and accumulation of a considerable amount of non-consumable Bauxite in the mine, 25 tons of hard low-grade Bauxite for extensive studies carried to Iranian Mineral Processing Research Centre (IMPRC). There was ௧ a 5 Bateman DMS pilot package [Picture 1], where all tests were ௛ carried out. Because the particle size of the Bauxite was as same as the feeds to the Jajarm plant ball mills ( means -20mm) , before starting pilot testing, a crushing stage to decrease the size of the feed Bauxite to -7mm, was done.

Now, after 10-11 years exploring and exploiting the Jajarm mine by open-pit method, not only has a large amount of low-grade, kaolinite and shale Bauxite stockpiled in the mine but also there is a scarcity of Bauxite with an A/S ratio in the agreed range. Therefore, very intensive investigations have started from 2007 to find processing methods to increase the quality of feeds to the plant that are capable of producing a reasonable feed from lowgrade, kaolinite and Shale Bauxite stockpiles. 2 Dolomite Illite Calcite Quartz Kaolinite Gibbsite Cancrinite CaCO3.


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