Little Bear's Friend (An I Can Read Book) by Else Holmelund Minarik

By Else Holmelund Minarik

One summer time Little endure makes pals with a woman named Emily. but if summer season ends, Emily needs to go away. Little undergo is particularly sad—until he unearths how to remain just about his new good friend even if she is way away!

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Emma-Jean knew this was true. People sometimes behaved unkindly toward one another, even at William Gladstone Middle School. Hurt feelings, bruised egos, broken promises, betrayed confidences— the list of emotional injuries her fellow seventh graders inflicted on one another was dismayingly long. Of course, Emma-Jean was fond of her peers. In fact, she believed that one was unlikely to find a finer group of young people than the 103 boys and 98 girls with whom she spent her school days. But their behavior was often irrational.

Wright and Mr. Petrowski both turned and looked into the unruly crowd of boys. Emma-Jean followed their gaze. The boys appeared to be engaged in a lively display of belching. Belching was considered impolite, Emma-Jean knew, unless one happened to be in China, where a belch was a signal that one was satisfied with his meal. It was possible one of the boys had vacationed in China during February break and was sharing the country’s cultural customs with his peers. However, Emma-Jean was skeptical that the William Gladstone Middle School hot lunch could inspire a satisfied sound of any kind.

And it was still pretty embarrassing that Colleen was practically the only girl in the entire fifth grade who didn’t make the travel team. ) When would Colleen ever get over this ski trip? Colleen wondered this as she sat in first-period Spanish, four desks away from Laura Gilroy. It had been two days since Kaitlin had broken the terrible news (two days, 48 hours, 2,880 minutes, 172,800 seconds—Colleen had secretly used her calculator while Señora Weingart was writing on the board). And Colleen still felt completely, totally miserable.

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