Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal by Michael Moynihan

By Michael Moynihan

“* * * * * *! the main superb tale within the historical past of track … a heavyweight book.”—Kerrang!

“An strange blend of precise crime journalism, rock and roll reporting and underground obsessiveness, Lords of Chaos becomes one of many extra interesting reads in an extended time.”—Denver Post

A narrative characteristic movie in response to this award-winning ebook has simply long past into production.

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P. 344. , Fab. 32. Mai. North. , vol. ii. 31 The Mysteries, in all their forms, were funereal. They celebrated the mystical death and revivification of some individual, by the use of emblems at once impious and disgusting. David accuses the Israelites of this abominable practice in Psalm cvi. (v. ) and ate the sacrifices of the dead. " 2 Vid. Ovid. , 1. i. 33 Apollon. , 1. i. Ophion was no other than the infernal Serpent, the equal foe of God and man. INTRODUCTION. 13 of solitude and darkness, and here in safety he heard the dissolution of the world, the rush of waters, the dismemberment of rocks and mountains, the bitter cries and shrieks of despairing sinners in the agonies of remorse like Noah, he passed unhurt through the and death 34 purifying element j and being thus regenerated, like the diluvian patriarch, he emerged into a new life of purity and perfection, 35 and rejoiced in the distinction which, he ; was taught to believe, his piety had conferred.

372, with authorities! 69 Clem. Alex. Strom. 5. And these were the Creation, Fall, and promise of a Mediator the unity and trinity of the Godhead the Deluge redemption by a bloody sacrifice ; and the soul's existence in initiations, and is ; ; ; ,a future state. 70 Tertul. adv. Valentin. ; INTRODUCTION. 21 71 death, embittered by denunciations of the hottest pains of Tartarus in another world. 72 The places of initiation were contrived with much art and ingenuity, and the machinery with which they were fitted up was calculated to excite every passion and affection of the mind.

Vol. , p. 273. Archaeol. , vol. , p. 333. 25 Vid. Signs and Symbols, Lect. 9. S Maur. Ind. , vol. , p. 156. 27 A specimen of this obscene emblem is preserved in the Museum of the Asiatic Society, London. 3 31 IN HINDOOSTAN. and typified equally by the petal and calyx of the lotos, the point within a circle, 29 and the intersection of two equilateral triangles. The periods of initiation were regulated by the increase and decrease of the moon; 30 and the mysteries were divided into Four Steps, or Degrees, called Char Asherum, which were equally the dispensers of perfection in a 31 The candidate might perform greater or less degree.

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