Magic of Minerals and Rock by Dirk J. Wiersma

By Dirk J. Wiersma

Good points a hundred thirty five fantastic colour pictures, levels from mammoth rock-landscapes recorded in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Iceland all the way down to finely special photographs of some sq. millimeters. Close-ups of crystals, gem stones, and fossils are alternated with micro-images of the minute textures and styles that emerge from skinny, translucent sections of rocks and minerals. actually, in addition to figuratively Dirk Wiersma, the photographer, ´zooms in` at the subject material, best the reader deeper into a number of areas of bizarre new types and views, every now and then summary, at different instances (pseudo)realistic. short accompanying texts are written in a method that's obtainable and beautiful to a basic viewers, whereas additionally delivering the mandatory genuine details.

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AUGITEThis is a thin section exposure, in polarized light, of a cluster of augite crystals. Augite is a mineral from the pyroxene group and the individual crystals typically show parallel bands of internal zoning. Clusters of crystals like these grow out of a central nucleation point and they usually occur in potash rich lava's. The actual size of this crystal is no more than 8 mm. CALCIT GLOBULES Calcite is the crystalline variety of calcium carbonate, a mineral that occurs in many forms. Shells, 4S QUARTZ> DOMUS 46 < ANDESITE FAYALITE PHANTOMS 49 < WIDMANNSTETTERSCHE FIGUREN S3 PYRITE < AQUAMARIN REFLECTIONS FROM OUTER SPACE ss MIMICRY AUGITE> TURMALINE WOLFRAMITE 56 < CALCITE GLOBULES CALCITE ON FLUORITE 59 GEODE Geodes are more or less spherical nodules of chalcedony with theory for the origin of these Iythophyses, very complex and an interior that may be hollow or (partially) filled with quartz.

Actual size 70 x corals, limestone and marble are also calcium carbonate. The Il0mm. globules seen here are formed by radial, crystalline growth in a void inside lava and they are a rarity. Actual size 40 x 60 mm. The hexagonal crystals of aquamarine have a neat, columnar arrangement in this group. Aquamarine is a vari- CALCITE 0 FLUORITE Like a stranded space vehicle, ety of beryl and is often found in pegmatites, complex rock this double-ended crystal of calcite has nested itself on an earli- suites formed at great depth, often the source of ores and semi er formed group of fluorite crystals.

If this were a dinner course pre- where stones are fashioned into jewelry and trinkets as well as pared by Bocuse, it would be called Escargots a I'hematite dans many shops and several museums make it a lively business cen- une croute de rhyolite. ter and a collector's paradise. Aslice of agate, from a Brazilian geode not Waferthin laminae of intensely red larger than a peach, is depicted here in transmitted light. The hematite surround a mysterious, black hole of quartz crystals. German craftsman who cut and polished this slice saw nothing On the polished face of an Esterel geode the size of a golf ball, less in it than the Urknall.

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