Mariposas - Butterflies, Edition: Bilingual by Jason Cooper

By Jason Cooper

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Moreover, learning about diversity allows us to appreciate the rich complexity of our human family. When we learn about different social, cultural, and generational groups, we can gain wisdom and insights that we would miss out on if we kept narrowly to our own groups. Ask your friends to share their family’s ethnic and cultural customs with you, and share yours with them. Ask your parents or grandparents about your family’s cultural roots. You may be surprised to learn that your heritage, like How do you feel that of most Americans, when you meet someone of comprises several national a different race or ethnicity?

Talk about the incident with people you trust. Sharing your feelings and experiences with someone supportive helps you sort out your thoughts and emotions and relieve your hurt and anger. When we are treated unjustly, we may unfortunately believe on some deep level that we deserve the unjust treatment. Talking with others can help us realize with certainty that it is the perpetrator of intolerance who has a problem, not the victim. Being treated with prejudice may make you feel rejected and humiliated, but remember that it is the intolerant person who is ignorant and wrong.

Learn about diverse peoples by reading books or watching documentaries about their histories and cultures. Read novels or watch fictional films by and about people of various minority ethnicities and religions, women, and gays. Go to museums where you can view the art and historical contributions of people from other backgrounds and cultures. Check out world music and American music by people of different cultural groups, and keep an open mind. Try going with your family to a prayer service of a religion that is not your own.

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