Mars, Book 8 by Fuyumi Soryo

By Fuyumi Soryo

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But there was another sound: the crickets. So they were alive after all! Og would have to eat noisy food. My Nutri-Nibbles and Mighty Mealworms didn’t make a sound until I crunched down on them. ” Apparently, they were nocturnal, like me. It was going to be a long night with noisy crickets and a silent frog. I hopped on my wheel and tried to spin my irritation away. It didn’t work. ” Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet and essayist 3 Sad-Mad-Bad I ’ll tell you how the whole week went: TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE!

Neither did I, for that matter. I grabbed the tiny notebook and pencil from behind my mirror. Ms. Mac gave them to me. No one in Room 26 knew about them. No one knew I could read and write. Writing helps me sort out my thoughts. And I had a lot of thoughts rolling around my brain that night—not all of them nice. I scribbled away for several hours and Og was pretty quiet, except for some annoying splashing. Goodness, I can manage to groom myself and get a drink of water without making that much noise!

I decided to squeak up. “Obnoxious! ” I yelled. I almost said “Unfriendly,” but it doesn’t begin with an O. No one seemed to hear me. ’s. ” asked Seth, jumping up out of his seat. “Sit-Still-Seth. ” Mrs. Brisbane wrote the word on the board. Silent H—no fair! I’ll have to watch out for that one. ” suggested Art. “What do you think, class? ” Some students nodded their heads. Nobody nodded harder than me. ” the teacher asked Kirk. “Maybe ‘oddball’ fits him better,” Kirk said, smiling. Everybody seemed to like the answer and I was not about to disagree.

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