Maternity and Infant Welfare: A Handbook for Health by Ruth Young

By Ruth Young

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If this is left in the breast, the child gets it at the beginning of the next feed, and dyspepsia results. T h e baby should be allowed to suck 48 MATERNITY AND INFANT WELFARE. for fifteen to twenty minutes. This is quite sufficient for a healthy baby. T h e baby should not be allowed to lie and sleep with the nipple in his mouth. This keeps the nipple wet, and softens the tissues, making them less resistant to cracks, etc. During nursing, the baby should lie on his side along the arm corresponding to the breast from which he is being fed.

Want of nourishing food, haemorrhages, prolonged pain, all help to lower the patient's resistance. We should endeavour both before and after the confinement to keep our patients in the best possible health, and we have already studied how that is to be done. Prevention of Puerperal Sepsis. With regard to the patient herself, scrupulous attention to cleanliness must be enforced before, during and 6o MATERRITY A N D INFANT WELFARE. after the confinement. The vulva is thoroughly cleansed every day with soap and water and an antiseptic.

These symptoms, together with the sterility, induce them to come to hospitals for treatment, but it is sad to have to say it, very little can be done to alleviate their misery, and real cure is almost impossible; Once the upper part of the genital canal is ininfected, we can hardly ever be sure that the patient is j 1 32 MATERNITY AND INFANT WELFARE. cured. T h e organisms lodge in the folds of the mucous membrane, and after giving rise to no symptoms for months and even years, may then from some cause or other suddenly become active again.

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