Mechanical properties and structural materials by Y M Song

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The rack and pinion conveys power and torque. There is sliding friction between the tooth surface of involute gear during the transmission process. In addition, the impact exists during the meshing process. All of these require the tooth surface have sufficiently high hardness and the tooth heart have high impact toughness. The material of the pinions commonly use ZG35CrMo, ZG30CrNiMo, ZG36CrNiMo, ZG40CrNiMo, and so on. With the improvement of the casting and heat treatment process, the hardness of teeth surface of the pinions exceed 350HBS basically.

As a result, the instantaneous bending stress take place at the gear tooth root, which resulting in a sudden fracture of the tooth along the tooth root. There is a severe impact in the process of excavation and loading of ore and rock, the forces on two bucket sticks may vary considerably in an instant, which may result in transmission unstable, cause gear teeth shock and overload, fracture at last. 4) Tooth thickness too thin to break. The tooth surface become too thin after abrasive wear, which lead to the decrease of bending section modulus and the bending stress increase, eventually the stress exceeding the allowable bending stress of the tooth material, and broken at last.

The bending stress of tooth root is the largest. Tooth root fillet locations are prone to stress concentration and lead to fatigue cracks. Rack and pinion reciprocating action frequently, fatigue crack gradually extended with the increase of the number of cycles, and the tooth fracture along the tooth root or tooth width end at last. 2) Partial load break. The two pushing and retracting gears were installed at the two ends of the pushing and retracting shaft, the gear installation error will cause the gear eccentric load.

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