Meetings: Autobiographical Fragments by Martin Buber

By Martin Buber

Meetings units forth the lifetime of one of many twentieth-century's maximum religious philosophers in his personal phrases. A glittering sequence of reflections and narratives, it seeks to not describe his existence in its complete entirety, yet particularly to express a few of his defining moments of uncertainty, revelation and which means. Recalling the query at the infinity of house and time which just about drove Buber to suicide on the age of fourteen, his adolescent 'seduction' through Nietzsche's paintings, his hero-worship of Ferdinand Lassalle and his love of Bach's tune, Meetings has no equivalent as a portrait of an particular mind in growth. Like Buber's nice works Between guy and Man and The manner of Man, it conjures up a tactile, earthly notion of that means finally discovered, as Maurice Friedman writes in his creation, 'not in conceptual or systematic notion yet within the 4-dimensional fact of occasions and meetings'.

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And after a while, further: “The God who gives Daniel such foreknowledge of this hour of human history, this hour before the ‘world war,’ that its fixed place in the march of the ages can be foredetermined, is not my God and not God. ” I remained standing for a long while on the corner of the black path and gave myself up to the clarity, now beyond speech, that had begun. 15. A CONVERSION In my earlier years the “religious” was for me the exception. There were hours that were taken out of the course of things.

32 ] P H I LO S O P H E R S 8. PHILOSOPHERS In that early period of my life, philosophy twice, in the form of two books, entrenched directly upon my existence—in my fifteenth and in my seventeenth year. The two events do not allow themselves to be inserted into the process of appropriating a philosophical education, which was established in particular on a thorough reading of Plato (Greek was my favorite language). They were events which broke through the continuity—the presupposition of all genuine educational work—catastrophic events.

Herzl continued to pace up and down the room, giving no sign that he was listening. Occasionally I glanced at his mother—her face had darkened; there was something there that terrified me, I did not know what it was, but it was there. Suddenly, however, Herzl stopped before us, and spoke to us. His tone was by no means what we might have expected—it was a passionate but smiling tone, although there was no smile on his lips. ” he exclaimed. “Wholly differently! But there before the platform, directly opposite me, a girl— his fiancée, I have heard—placed herself; there she stood, her eyes flashing at me.

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