Memories of the Branch Davidians: The Autobiography of David by Bonnie Haldeman

By Bonnie Haldeman

The 1993 occasion at Mt. Carmel surprised all of the United States and has on the grounds that spawned a plethora of books concerning the "truth" concerning the department Davidians. thoughts of the department Davidians is the tale informed from the interior. The oral background of Bonnie Haldeman, the mummy of Vernon Howell (David Koresh), bargains an intimate, first-hand account of ways a boy named Vernon Howell grew to become David Koresh. Haldeman paints an image of Koresh which can merely be informed via person who knew either his maximum strengths and his private faults.

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He said, “Oh! That room was so pretty, Mama. It had flowers in it and all kinds of toys. ” He did. Vernon always loved going to church. When he came to live with me, we didn’t go to church much for a few years. Vernon was nine, so Roger must have been about three when I started taking them to church. When Vernon was ten and Roger was four, we started going to church in Richardson. Vernon loved going to church. Roger didn’t. We came home from church one time, and Roy told Vernon to go out and cut the grass.

33 He was really nice. He called me Sister Bonnie. I drove us out to California. Catherine didn’t drive, of course, and Joel didn’t drive, and Brother Lawter wanted to help me drive. ” I was afraid to let him drive! We had a nice trip. We stopped two or three times along the way. I think we stopped one night in a motel in El Paso. The four of us shared a room for half a night. We got up early and left. This was a new adventure for me, because I’d never been to California. I was looking forward to it, because Rachel was out there with my grandson, Cyrus.

For him to get back so we could have something for supper. He’d get hung up in town doing I don’t know what. David took Edna out of the kitchen and started having the younger women, like Novellette Sinclair and Janet Kendrick and others, cook. Edna loved doing it, but maybe she loved it too much. I don’t know. Catherine Matteson was never allowed to help in the kitchen. At that time Catherine was going through a hard time with her eyes, and I think she was probably legally blind. At times she was taken to Dallas to see an eye doctor.

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