Metal Deposits in Relation to Plate Tectonics (Minerals, by Frederick J. Sawkins

By Frederick J. Sawkins

During this publication steel deposits, particularly these of non-ferrous and beneficial metals, are labeled and analyzed when it comes to their plate tectonic settings. This process permits a significant therapy of steel deposits of other kinds and gives major insights into either their genesis and formative environments. The up-to-date second variation accommodates the main major advances in financial geology of the final five years. specific recognition is paid to the geological settings and generative types of gold deposits of all types.

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3. Generalized model of porphyry copper formation. The salient feature ofthis model is the development of porphyry copper mineralization in the subvolcanic zone below a stratavolcano and above an intrusive body of some magnitude at depth. Within this critical zone geometries of individual intrusions can vary considerably, as can the geometries of the various alteration envelopes (After Sillitoe 1973) (Sillitoe 1980a; Sillitoe and Gappe 1984). A more thorough investigation of precious metal contents of porphyry copper deposits in western Canada has been recently carried out by Sinclair et al.

This main-stage mineralization underwent subsequent modification due to the effects of deeply circulating meteoric waters driven by heat from underlying cooling intrusives. 6% Cu. 5 Porphyry Copper Deposits in Island Arcs The data base for porphyry copper deposits along the North and South American continental margins is far more extensive than that for the porphyry copper deposits of island arcs. Nevertheless, excellent studies on the Panguna porphyry system (see Fig. 6) are available (Eastoe 1978, 1982) and a major compilation of data on Philippine porphyry copper deposits is now at hand (Sillitoe and Ga ppe 1984).

Q. Q. Q.. Q.. Q. Q. Q. p p P p .... P p p p p p : p D ,: I p p p , p ? Q. Q.. • Q. I 0' I * I ? p 500 1000 METERS ROCK TYPES ALTERATION W ADVANCED ARGILLIC . / ' ~ DOME & DIKE @£I DIATREME ~ SERICITIC ~ ~ ~ LATE -MINERAL ~ SCC ~ INTRUSIVE ~ ~ PROPYLITIC ~ INTRA-MINERAL K-S ILiCA TE ~ INTRUSIVE o o VE IN HYDROTHERMAL BRECCIA SKARN E2ill MAIN INTRUSIVE HOST ROCKS Fig. 8. Generalized model of island arc porphyry copper deposits based on examples from the Philippines. Most mineralization is coincident with the zone ofk-silicate alteration (After Sillitoe and Gappe 1984) similarities to continental margin porphyry systems, but also some important differences.

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