Metallic Materials Specification Handbook by Robert B. Ross

By Robert B. Ross

It's nowten yearssince the thirdeditionofMetallicMaterials, andovertwentysincethefirst version. Overthis periodtheworkhasbeenextensivelyused as acomprehensivesourcebook by means of all these thinking about using engineering fabrics. because the 3rd variation, there were a couple of simple adjustments within the tools of specifyingmaterials. Probablythe mostimportantofwhich is the introductionofthe Unified Numbering procedure (UNS). those codes are issued in contract among the Society of AutomotiveEngineers (SAE) and the yank SocietyforTestingandMaterials(ASTM), and replicate the acknowledgement of a necessity for a numbering method with a few good judgment. The UNS codes were issued to hide the entire exchange names, codes and requirements utilized in the U.S., and realization has been takenofcodes used inother components. The codes have a letter prefix - A for aluminium, C for copper, and so on. - through a five determine code. This refers to a easy research and lists US requisites and alternate names lined by means of this research. This variation of metal fabrics lists nearly 4,000 UNS codes and refers the reader both to the fundamental research for this code, or to at least one of the prevailing standards or exchange names lined by means of the code. during this version steps were taken to replace the alternate names and requirements, to do away with errors, and to provide asmuchcontemporaryinformation as attainable. Theextent ofthe additions has made it essential to learn the best way that someofthe standards are recognized less than a variety of designations, and the implicationsofthis exam are defined within the 'How to exploit this booklet' part.

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57. 5% Si AI alloy: Alcan for BS 2898. 6% Si AI alloy: Wrought; Anglo·Swiss Aluminium Co. 2% Cr AI alloy: Wrought; previous German Standard designation Note. '= 1 MPa See Appendix II for other abbreviations and conversion tables.

BS 1475 NG6 BS 1475 NG6 BS 1475 NG6 BS 1476 NE4 BS 1476 NE5 BS 1476 NE6 BS 1476 NE8 BS 1477 NP4 BS 1477 NP6 BS 1477 NP8 BS 1616 C BS 2901 NG4 BS 2901 NG5 BS2901 NG6 BS 2901 NG7 BS 290115056 A BS 290115154 A BS 290 1/5183 BS 2901/5356 BS 2901/5554 BS 2901/5556 A BS 4300/1 5251 BS 4300/1 NJ4 BS 4300/1 NJ5 BS 4300/2 BTRS1 BS 430012 BTRS2 BS 430012 BTRS2 BS 4300/6 3105 BS 4300n 5005 Nominal analysis, supplier, condition and remarks. 8 Mg Al alloy: replaces N41 designation; Plate and sheet; H4 condition UTS: 165 Elon: 4% Proof: 100 10 ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM WROUGHT ALLOYS Symbol Nominal analysis, supplier, condition and remarks.

IMPALCO M32 10% Mg AI alloy: For sheet and strip; Hard; Imperial Aluminium Co. UTS: 140 Elon: 12% Proof: no 1% Mg AI alloy: Sheet and strip; annealed; Imperial Aluminium Co. for high reflectivity UTS: 140 Elon: 20% 1% Mg Al alloy: For sheet and strip; hard; Imperial Aluminium Co. UTS: 180 Elon: 4% Proof: 140 1% Mg AI alloy: For sheet and strip; annealed; Imperial Aluminium Co. Similar to M32 UTS: 140 Elon: 20% 1% Mg Al alloy: For sheet and strip; Hard; Imperial Aluminium Co. UTS: 140 Elon: 12% Proof: 120 1% Mg Al alloy: For sheet and strip; hard; Imperial Aluminium Co.

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