Metallothioneins in Biochemistry and Pathology by Paolo Zatta

By Paolo Zatta

Metallothioneins (MTs) characterize a wide relations of proteins characterised by means of excessive heavy steel content material (mainly CuII and ZnII) and through an strange cysteine abundance. they've got a strong protecting functionality in all animal tissues, due probably to their homes as loose radical scavengers holding opposed to oxidative harm. furthermore, the presence and overexpression of MTs in a number of pathological stipulations, similar to steel dyshomeostasis, cellphone proliferation, neurological problems, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy resistance, will be used as a big prognostic marker, as a histopathological diagnostic software, and to persist with particular pharmacological remedies.

this significant ebook explores the function of MTs within the box of neurological problems (brain irritation, Alzheimer's and prion ailments, autism, ALS, etc.), cardiology (cardiomyopathy, atherosclerosis), and oncology (melanoma, prostate and breast cancer), via authoritative contributions and an outline of easy biochemical info and paradigmatic pathological occasions.

Contents: Metallothionein in Neurological problems; Metallothionein in Oncology; Metallothionein in Cardiopathy; Metallothionein in Hepatology.

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