Metamorphic Phase Equilibria and Pressure-Temperature-Time by Frank S. Spear

By Frank S. Spear

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9A). Conversely,Figure 9C revealsthat alonga T-t path with a thermalmaximumof 585 'C (path G in Fig. 5 cm will not be seriouslyaffected. One mustconsidernot only the T-t historyof the rock to ascertainwhetheror not the garnetcore composition will be modifiedbut alsotheradiusof thegarnet. As a generalruleof thumb,for largegarnets(radiigreaterthan 1 cm) thatreachedpeaktemperatures below approximately 740 'C, thecoreof the garnetshouldreflectthecomposition at the peakof metamorphism. The Vol. The fact that this methodof computingthe errorresultsin errorslargerthanthoseobtainedfromrepetition of the experiment suggeststhat a moderate amount of covarianceexistsin themeasurement of mineralcompositions.

Temperature-time historiesfor crustthickenedby continental collisionhavebeen presentedby Thompsonand England [1984]. Figure 9A [from Spear, 1988c] reproducesthese T-t plots and 1000 900 800 0 700 1-- 600 500, 400 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Time (Ma) l'luid. Theproperapplication of geothermobarometry must considerall of thesecomplications, especiallyin highgrade rockswherereequilibration on coolingis a certainty. 23 /•A,B,C lO •;•posltlon _ Diffusi. ". An approximateanswerto this questioncan be obtainedby application of the equations of binarydiffusionin a spherein the contextof hypothetical temperature-time pathsof metamorphism.

Diagrams suchasthesecanbe very usefulfor the interpretation of both progradeandretrograde mineralzoning. A reviewof someof theseapplications will is asfollows. First,assumethatthe varianceof the systemof demonstrate theutilityof suchdiagrams in theinterpretation of equations is 2 andit is desiredto drawan isoplethof constant metamorphic processes. molefractionof component1 in phaseA. The conditionfor this isoplethis dX1,A = 0. The independent variablesare chosen to be P andX1,A andthedependent variablesareT, X2,A,X1,Betc.

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