Methods in Mycoplasmology: Diagnostic Mycoplasmology, Volume by Joseph G. Tully

By Joseph G. Tully

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Academic Press, New York. Taylor-Robinson, D . , Addey, J. , and Goodwin, C. S. (1969). Comparison of techniques for the isolation of T-strain mycoplasmas. Nature (London) 222, 2 7 4 - 2 7 5 . Taylor-Robinson, D . , Tully, J. , Furr, P. , Cole, R. , Rose, D. , and Hanna, N. F. (1981). Urogenital mycoplasma infections of man: A review with observations on a recently dis­ covered mycoplasma. Isr. J. Med. Sci. 17, 5 2 4 - 5 3 0 . Tully, J. , Whitcomb, R. , Clark, H. , and Williamson, D. L. (1977).

Clyde, Jr. In this chapter two applications of serological methods in human mycoplasmology will be considered. The first application relates to serotyping of isolated mycoplasmas for species identification, and the second deals with serodiagnostic techniques that can be used to identify human mycoplasma infec­ tions in patients. For both purposes, a variety of methods is available, many of which have been detailed elsewhere in these volumes. Reference to other sec­ tions will be made where appropriate, and other procedures will be described here along with commentary on choices of tests.

J. Infect. Dis. 133, 4 1 9 - 4 2 3 . Taylor-Robinson, D . , and Csonka, G. W. (1981). Laboratory and clinical aspects of mycoplasmal infections of the human genitourinary tract. In "Recent Advances in Sexually Transmitted Diseases" (J. R. W. ), Churchill-Livingstone, Edinburgh/London, pp. 151-186. Taylor-Robinson, D . , and Furr, P. M. (1981). Recovery and identification of human genital tract mycoplasmas. Isr. J. Med. Sci. 17, 6 4 8 - 6 5 3 . Taylor-Robinson, D . , and McCormack, W. M. (1979).

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