Mineral Reference Manual by Ernest H. Nickel

By Ernest H. Nickel

AN ALPHABETICAL directory OF ALL MINERAL SPECIES AND comprises THE identify, formulation, CURRANT prestige, CRYSTAL approach, visual appeal, HARDNESS, DENSITY, LOCALITY, class , beginning of brand , similar SPECIES, LITERATURE REFERENCE

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67 (1982), 90. See also Hydroxylellestadite, Fluorellestadite. Chlorhastingsite, [Q] Unncessary name for chlorian hastingsite. Min. Mag. 38 (1971), 103. Krutov & Vinogradova, 1966. Chlorite, A group name for sheet silicates with the general formula (Mg, AI, Fe, Li, Mn, Ni)4_6(Si, AI, B, Fe)401O(OH, 0)8' Chloritoid (monoclinic), (Fe, Mg, Mn)AI2SiOs(OHh, [f] Mon. Dark green, grey, greenish-black. , USSR. 57, VIllA 22. Rose, 1837. 1A, 867. Acta Cryst. B32 (1975), 780. See also Chloritoid (triclinic), Carboirite, Ottrelite, Magnesiochloritoid.

49 (1985), 87. See also Atacamite, Paratacamite. Botryogen, MgFe(S04MOH)o7H 20, [Q] Mon. Vitreous light/dark orange-red. Falun, Kopparberg, Sweden. 23, VID 04a. Haidinger, 1828. 2, 617. Acta Cryst. B24 (1968), 760. See also Zincobotryogen. Boulangerite, Pb5 Sb4S11 , [Q] Orth. Metallic bluish-grey; grey-white in reflected light. 181, lID 05b. Thaulow, 1837. 1, 420. Min. Ahstr. 80-0161. Bournonite, CuPbSbS 3, [Q] Orth. Metallic steel-grey; white in reflected light. Wheal Boys, Endellion, Cornwall, England.

32, VIIIF 05. , 1984. Am. Min. ). See also Hydroxyl-vishnevite. Carletonite, KNa4Ca4Sis01S(C03)4(F, OH)' H20, [A] Tet. , Quebec, Canada. 426, VIllE 02. Chao, 1971. Am. Min. 56 (1971), 1855. Am. Min. 57 (1972), 765. Carlfriesite, CaTe30 S' [A] Mon. Translucent bright primrose yellow. Bambollita mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico. 699, VIG 06. Williams & Gaines, 1975. Min. Mag. 40 (1975), 127. Am. Min. 63 (1978),847. Carlhintzeite, Ca2AIF 7' H20, [A] Tric. Vitreous colorless. Hagendorf pegmatite, Waidhaus, Oberpfalz, Bayern (Bavaria), Germany.

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