Moonwar (Moonbase Saga, Book 2) by Ben Bova

By Ben Bova

Moonwar, the sequel to Moonrise, is a fast paced high-tech event that tells the tale of the fledgling lunar colony--Moonbase--and the way it is now in jeopardy as political forces search to regulate or break it. This booklet is the continuation of the tale of Douglas Stavenger, the Kennedy-esque scion of Moonbase’s founding dynasty.

While Moonbase has been flourishing less than Stavenger’s administration, it’s life, or even Stavenger’s existence, either depend upon nanotechnology that have been outlawed in the world in line with a wave of luddite worry and violence. quickly, United international locations peacekeepers arrive at the moon to implement the anti-nanotech legislation, bringing with them intrepid information reporter Edith Elgin, who quickly falls for Doug. in the meantime, Doug’s mom Joanna has selected to come to Earth, yet upon arrival she is held hostage by way of the secretary common of the UN who desires Doug to give up his forces and extra, to be killed.

Slick politicians, attractive tv anchors, and calculating company barons offer advanced and interesting surroundings: think Washington within the house age, with nonstop motion and funky expertise.

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