Mystery of the Haunted Cave by Penny Warner

By Penny Warner

Thirteen-year-old Becca and her buddies Sierra, CJ, and Jonnie are decided to win the gold medal for Troop thirteen on the Gold Rush Jamboee. yet they face stiff festival from the opposite troops - particularly Troop 7, whose individuals like to pull pranks on them. while a mysterious clue tricks at treasure buried in Camp Miwok's Haunted Caves, Becca and her neighbors are decided to get their arms on that, too - no matter if it ability sneaking from camp, placing out with bats, and being threatened by way of robbers . . .

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You’re going to be too tired to enjoy your free time tomorrow if you don’t get some sleep. Besides…” Susan stepped over toward the girls’ tent and started to peek inside. In a flash, Becca blocked the entrance. ” Becca said. “Jonnie and Sierra are asleep. We were trying not to wake them. ” Susan stood up. “Well, you girls should be asleep, too. Now get in there. ” Becca and CJ nodded. They held the tent door open as if about to enter, while Susan headed back to her tent. Something fell softly on Becca’s head.

It sounded like somebody was sick or something. ” “Moaning, right,” CJ confirmed. ” asked Becca. CJ shook her head. ” Becca rolled her eyes. ” CJ turned back to follow the troop. Becca hesitated for another second, then shivered and moved on. With Sierra leading the way, the scouts easily found their way through the rest of the caves listed on the map: the Dragon’s Breath, the Spikes and Spires, the Flames of Fire, and the Diamond Dome. And with CJ’s expertise, they solved the puzzles quickly.

A small head topped a large smooth belly that had giant hands and arms resting on it. ” Jonnie asked. ” “Maybe he’s hungry,” Jennifer offered. “Or full,” Melissa added. CJ moved closer to get a better look. A shiny doughnut-shaped The Mystery of the Haunted Caves 27 crystal rested around one the Buddha’s fingers. She reached forward, but Sierra grabbed her wrist. “Don’t touch it, CJ! ” “I know, I know. ” But something was funny about that crystal. Carefully she picked it up. “CJ! ” Sierra demanded.

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