Mystic Cults in Magna Graecia

An anthology of vital discoveries exploring the "mystery religions" of the classical international.

New insights to the research of mystic cults within the old international are provided during this choice of essays, which concentrate on Magna Graecia (Southern Italy & Sicily).

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632 consist of kathismata, stichera, kontakia with oikoi, and kanons; makarismoi are represented once before the kanon (ff. , 82. Roman Krivko 43 placed a er the last kanon at the very end of the office (43r, 92r bis); katabasia, whatever its meaning in the early period, is a ested once (81v). 3, 4. Lesb. Leim. , and cod. Hierosolymitanus Sabbaiticus 70, office Menaion for June of the same date. Hieros. Sab. 70 is closely related to Lesb. Leim. 11 both paleographically and from the point of view of structure and content.

Gr. 570; Sin. gr. 578 + РНБ, Греч. 89; Sin. gr. 595; Sin. gr. 610; Sin. gr. 613; Sin. gr. 614; Sin. gr. 624; Sin. gr. 631; and РНБ, Греч. 351) has not been properly described; however, Alexandra Nikiforova, who examined the whole set of these Menaia, kindly informed me that the kontakia are rarely observed (“почти не встречаются”) in the above-listed sources. The only manuscript of this collection I consulted de visu is Sin. gr. 631. It contains one abridged monostrophic kontakion consisting of the first prooimion of the well-known hymn for the Dormition of the Theotokos: Tὴν ἐν πρεσβείαις ἀκοίμητον θεοτόκον (f.

2000) 128–129, прим. 2). (83) The manuscript has been published: В. Б. ), Ильина книга. Рукопись РГАДА, Тип. 131. Лингвистическое издание, подготовка греческого текста, комментарии, словоуказатели (Москва: Индрик, 2005); Е. М. ВЕРЕЩАГИН, Ильина книга. Древнейший славянский богослужебный сборник. Факсимильное воспроизведение рукописи, билинеарно-спатическое издание источника с филолого-богословским комментарием (Москва: Индрик, 2006) (see the editions also for further references and information on linguistic and typological characteristics of the source).

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