Ophiolite Genesis and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere: by Tj. Peters, A. Nicolas, R. Coleman

By Tj. Peters, A. Nicolas, R. Coleman

Court cases of the Ophiolite convention, held in Muscat, Oman, January 7-18, 1990

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Structure of the Turkana Rift, Kenya. Geology, 16: 258-261. R. , 1989. Structure and stratigraphy of the Turkana Rift from seismic reflection data. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 8: 489-510. A. , 1988. Geologic controls of hydrothermal activity in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Marine Geophysical Researches, 10: 233-259. , 1989. Geometric and kinematic development of border faults and accommodation zones, Kivu-Rusizi Rift, Africa. Tectonics, 8: 117-134. J. , 1986. The geology of North Atlantic transform plate boundaries and their aseismic extensions.

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Such three-dimensional geometric compatibility is a basic condition of any consideration of crustal strain. One of the neglected aspects of sea floor spreading along slow-spreading ridges is the role of strike-slip and oblique-slip faults in the evolution of the median valley morphology and structure. These structures are so closely spaced along spreading centers (on the order of 10 km) that they are also likely to be important in the evolution of many ophiolite complexes. A Hierarchy of Faults at High Angles to Spreading Centers Strike-slip and oblique-slip faults that are parts of the extensional systems of the MAR occur at different scales.

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