Optical Properties of Diamond: A Data Handbook, 1st Edition by Dr. Sc. Alexander M. Zaitsev (auth.)

By Dr. Sc. Alexander M. Zaitsev (auth.)

This is the main finished guide on optical houses of diamond ever written. The booklet doesn't comprise long discussions, as an alternative, it's an available choice of facts followed via brief factors. a lot of the information awarded during this ebook is out there right here for the 1st time in English. The textual content includes, as well as the authors personal perspectives, these of alternative researchers - even the place the 2 interpetations are at odds. therefore all scholars and researchers will enjoy the entire photograph provided via this compilation.

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1993; John et al. 1994). 346 Ilm (2989 em-\ a weak peak observed in some CVD boron-doped diamond films. The feature is attributed to stretching vibrations of C-H bonds (Chia-Fu Chen and Sheng-Hsiung Chen 1995). (Fig. l3). 391 Ilm (2949 em-I); FWHM of 10 cm- I; a weak feature observed by MIRIRS method on hydrogenated (100) surface on natural type IIa diamond. The feature may reduce in intensity upon annealing at temperatures from 800 to 1000DC (Russell et al. 1999). 411 Ilm (2932 em-I); FWHM of 5 cm-\ a weak feature observed by MIRIRS method on hydrogenated (100) surface on natural type IIa diamond.

10). The origin of this doublet is established unambiguously. It is attributed to the asymmetrical and symmetrical C-H stretching modes respectively of Sp3 -bonded methylene groups -CHr. The symmetry of the vibrations is C2v :A 1 and Bl (Dischler et al. 1993; John et al. 1994; Field 1992; Janssen et al. 1991; Bi et al. 1990; Wild et al. 1989b; Janssen et al. 1992; Ertz et al. 1995; Charette 1959; Kislovskii and Spitsyn 1989; McNamara et al. 1995). Absorption at wavenumbers above 2960 cm- 1 is related to vibrations of Sp2 coordinated C-H bonds (Zhu et al.

One-phonon absorption can be most intense in <111>-textured CVD diamond films (Haq et al. 1994). The addition of oxygen to the gas growth mixture considerably reduces the one-phonon absorption of CVD diamond films (Haq et al. 1994). The one-phonon absorption strength varies only slightly with the thickness of CVD diamond film (Haq et al. 1994). 79 cm- I (Clement 1997). 1 Critical-point phonon frequencies in diamond as measured in optical absorption (Solin and Ramdas 1970; Sobolev et a1. 1969c; Klein et a1.

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