Organofluorine Chemistry: Principles and Commercial by R.E. Banks, B.E. Smart, J.C. Tatlow

By R.E. Banks, B.E. Smart, J.C. Tatlow

Prior to now fifteen years advertisement curiosity in compounds containing carbon­ fluorine bonds has burgeoned past all expectancies, ordinarily as a result of enterprise possibilities bobbing up from paintings on biologically energetic fluoroorganics-particularly agrochemicals, the relentless look for new markets for fluoropolymers and fluoro­ carbon fluids, advancements within the box of clinical diagnostics, and the force to discover replacements for ozone-depleting CFCs and Halon fire-extinguishing brokers. Judging the placement to warrant the ebook of a complete selection of updated reports facing advertisement organofluorine compounds inside a unmarried quantity of possible dimension (and consequently moderate cost), we have been overjoyed to be invited by way of Plenum Publishing company to supply an appropriate ebook. so that it will supply an actual and wide-ranging account of present advertisement purposes of fluoroorganic fabrics, it in actual fact was once essential to gather a large group of an expert contributing authors chosen virtually completely from undefined. via their efforts we now have been in a position to produce a nearly entire insurance of the modem organofluorochemicals enterprise in a way designed to draw a reader­ send starting from specialists within the box, via chemists and technologists presently blind to the level of commercial involvement with fluoroorganics, to scholars of utilized chemistry. Promised chapters devoted to perfluoroolefin oxides and 18F labeling of radiopharmaceuticals didn't materialize. this is often a little unlucky in view of our goal to accomplish finished assurance of the topic.

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72 The remarkable feats of engineering that led to the use of atomic bombs with such devastating effect against Japan in August 1945 have been thoroughly documented. Much less attention has been paid to the key role played by fluorine chemistry in the realization of nuclear weaponry, as emphasized in Goldwhite's recent review devoted to that aspect of the Manhattan Project. 2e Correspondingly, fluorine chemistry's contribution to the development of peaceful applications of nuclear power have been absolutely indispensable.

F). Finger's group at the Illinois State Geological Survey made outstanding contributions to fluoroaromatic chemistry over many years. 36b e. Side-Chain Fluoroaromatics. Benzotrifluoride is easily the most extensively studied fluoroaromatic compound,37 having been used commercially since the 1930s as an intermediate for the production of dyestuffs, agrochemicals, or pharmaceuticals. Nearly a century ago,38 Swarts showed how easy it is to effect side-chain (benzylic) halogen exchange in aromatic systems, benzotrichloride being found to react sequentially with antimony(I1I) fluoride: C6H5CCb ~ C6H5CFClz ~ C6H5CF2CI ~ C6H5CF3; and through electrophilic nitration of benzotrifluoride he established the meta-directing effect of the CF3 group in aromatic systems.

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