Outlaw: India's Bandit Queen and Me by Roy Moxham

By Roy Moxham

A interesting portrait of an Englishman's friendship with India's world-famous Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi

In June 1992, writer Roy Moxham did a really unusual factor: he wrote to Phoolan Devi. The debatable and charismatic "Bandit Queen" has been hailed as a modern day Robin Hood within the villages surrounding Delhi. In revenge for her personal gang rape, her fans killed 20 high-caste Indians, which ended in her quit and imprisonment. Struck through her tale and appalled via her plight, Roy Moxham helped Phoolan Devi receive justice, provided her encouragement whilst she grew to become an MP in India on her liberate, and traveled together with her for numerous years ahead of she was once gunned down in 2001. in keeping with the diaries that documented their awesome friendship, Moxham bargains a desirable portrait of a impressive woman and finds the hidden face of India.

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I had been engaged on a five-year contract to save the most important items. One evening, later in that week when I received Phoolan’s letter, a group of us from the museum went for a colleague’s leaving-party meal in Brick Lane. We met up in a pub. Before we went on to the Clifton restaurant, I nipped across the road to a cafe full of Asians. I asked if anyone knew Hindi and managed to find a man to look through the copied letter. He told me that it was from Phoolan herself. She wrote that she was grateful for my message, as she was very depressed.

I climbed up the hill to the temple through a crowed alley full of stalls selling religious paraphernalia – marigold and hibiscus flowers, coconuts, tasselled cloths stencilled with the name of the goddess and pictures of the goddess herself. The temple was a modern concrete structure, resembling a bus shelter. I offered up my coconut to the priest, who smashed it open at the base of the ancient statue. The goddess was decorated with multiple strings of flowers, so that only her frightening black face with its huge white eyes was visible.

I decided to leave it for a couple of days to see if things might calm down. Three days later the Indian government seemed to have the situation under reasonable control, although there were still curfews. These would make travelling difficult, but I decided to go ahead anyway. I flew out of London on 13 December. ’ MY JOURNEY to India did not go smoothly. The propeller plane left late and was then diverted because of bad weather. When we finally arrived at Moscow we had missed our connecting flight, and we were rescheduled for the following day.

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