Peabody's control of pipeline corrosion, Edition: 2nd ed by A W Peabody; Ronald L Bianchetti

By A W Peabody; Ronald L Bianchetti

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This is most pronounced at the point of crossing. The voltage difference between pipe and earth can force the foreign pipeline to pick up CP current in electrically remote sections and discharge it to the protected line in the crossing area. The foreign pipeline will be damaged by such discharge to earth, with the point of greatest probable damage being directly at the point of crossing with the protected bare line. 14 Potential gradients in earth around cathodically protected pipeline. P1: GKW/SPH P2: GKW/UKS P3: GKW/UKS CE003-03 CE003-Peabody November 3, 2000 QC: GKW/UKS T1: GKW 9:32 Char Count= 0 Effect of Cathodic Protection on Other Structures FOREIGN LINE TENDS TO BECOME POSITIVE TO SOIL WITHIN AREA OF INFLUENCE AND IS FORCED TO DISCHARGE CURRENT.

6, it can be seem that a pipeline will pass through the area of influence surrounding a ground bed anode located close to the pipe. This means it will pass through earth that is at a positive potential with respect to remote earth. 6, there will be a limited area along the pipeline opposite the anode in which the net potential difference between the pipe and adjacent soil will, because of this effect, be sufficient to attain CP. 85 V [CSE]). 6, it is assumed that the IR voltage drop error in the pipe-to-soil potential measurement is negligible.

See Chapters 4 and 5 for further details on potential measurements. Selection of Type, Size, and Spacing of a Cathodic Protection System Some of the questions to be resolved when planning a pipeline CP system include the following: 1. Shall galvanic anodes be used or would an impressed current system be a better choice? 2. How much total current will be required to attain adequate CP? 3. What should be the spacing between installations, and what will be the current output required from each installation?

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