Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #10: Faraway Filly by Terri Farley

By Terri Farley

Darby is a fortunate woman. After years of dreaming approximately horses, she is eventually surrounded through them on her grandfather's ranch in Hawaii. To most sensible it off, she even has a horse of her own—Hoku, a wild mustang she helped rescue. After a couple of months jointly their bond hasn't ever been stronger.

But while Hoku has to be set free between different horses, her untamed spirit returns. As Darby attempts to reestablish their courting, even worse information arrives: Hoku's unique abusive proprietor, Shan Stonerow, wishes her again. with out a deed of possession, may Darby lose the pony she loves?

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With a choked neigh, she struggled, but she couldn’t rise. Of course not, Darby thought. Horses swing their heads and necks for momentum. The mare tried rolling and kicking and he squirted her again. That’s it, Darby thought, but her feet wouldn’t move. She knew what she had to do, but her mind was too close to the mare’s. The tendons in her own neck strained. She heard the man’s lecturing as an unknown language. Silently, she asked people why they were walking away, abandoning her to this torturer.

Even in her awkward position, Jellybean Jewel stayed on her feet. You could do anything with that horse, Darby thought. Dressage, cutting, search and rescue . . But then the trainer lifted the pink hose. Dizzy on wobbling legs, the mare tried to be submissive. Her head bobbed as she tried to focus on him, but that move pulled her tail. He lifted the hose higher, so that the water’s descent into the grass made a splattering sound. Never touching her with the water, he approached from all sides at a run, darting closer each time.

The Western saddles were heavy and a little unwieldy for Darby. The sun-warmed leather was hot too, but as she staggered under the burden of one of them, she was distracted by the sight of Jonah, Kit, and Kimo having lunch with Medusa. At least that’s what it looked like, though maybe she was just hungry for lunch. The aroma of ginger, soy sauce, and noodles tantalized her almost as much as her curiosity. Why were the men all standing outside the corral at the end of the road, watching the steeldust mare?

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