Plant Chemical Biology by Dominique Audenaert, Paul Overvoorde

By Dominique Audenaert, Paul Overvoorde

Demonstrates how advances in plant chemical biology can translate to box applications

With contributions from a group of prime researchers and pioneers within the box, this ebook explains how chemical biology is used as a device to augment our realizing of plant biology. Readers are brought to various chemical biology reviews that experience supplied novel insights into plant body structure and plant mobile approaches. in addition, they are going to realize that chemical biology not just ends up in a greater figuring out of the underlying mechanisms of plant biology, but in addition the improvement of sensible purposes. for instance, the authors speak about small molecules that may be used to spot objectives of herbicides and advance new herbicides and plant progress regulators.

The booklet starts off with a ancient point of view on plant chemical biology. subsequent, the authors introduce the chemical biology toolbox had to practice winning reports, with chapters covering:

  • Sources of small molecules
  • Identification of latest chemical instruments via high-throughput screening (HTS)
  • Use of chemical biology to review plant physiology
  • Use of chemical biology to review plant mobile processes
  • Target identification
  • Translation of plant chemical biology from the lab to the field

Based at the most modern findings and widely referenced, the booklet explores to be had compound collections, ideas of assay layout, and using new learn instruments for the improvement of latest applications.

Plant Chemical Biology is suggested for college kids and pros in all points of plant biology, together with molecular biology, body structure, biochemistry, agriculture, horticulture, and agronomy. All readers will notice new methods which can bring about the improvement of a more fit and extra ample worldwide foodstuff supply.

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46. Lindell SD, Pattenden LC, and Shannon J (2009) Combinatorial chemistry in the agrosciences. Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry, 17 (12): 4035–4046. 47. Cutler SR et al. (2000) Random GFP: cDNA fusions enable visualization of subcellular structures in cells of Arabidopsis at a high frequency. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 97 (7): 3718–3723. 48. Nemhauser JL, Mockler TC, and Chory J (2004) Interdependency of brassinosteroid and auxin signaling in Arabidopsis. Public Library of Science Biology, 2 (9): E258.

The structural complexity of many natural products may also prove unattractive for chemists trying to convert a complicated hit structure into a useful small molecule that is easy and cheap to produce in bulk quantities. Finally, the situation with respect to intellectual property is fast becoming unclear as territories try to protect so-called biodiversity rights, covering all natural products found within their boundaries. While purified (although not necessarily to the point of being a single agent) natural extracts may be acceptable in use, there is concern that a strong IP position on such extracts may become more difficult to obtain.

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