Plant mitochondria, 1st Edition by David C. Logan

By David C. Logan

Mitochondria are severe organelles within the metabolic rules of virtually all eukaryotic organisms. wisdom in their biochemistry and molecular biology in crops has been fuelled over fresh years via the swift development made in genome sequencing and the facility to govern gene expression.

Plant Mitochondria comprises chapters written via the various world’s top researchers during this region, bringing jointly and reviewing for the 1st time many fresh advances. Contents comprise insurance of mitochondrial dynamics, mitochondrial genome instability, expression of the plant mitochondrial genome, import of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial proteins, mitochondrial breathing advanced biogenesis, supramolecular constitution of the OXPHOS procedure, mitochondrial electron delivery and oxidative pressure, mitochondrial metabolism, cytoplasmic male sterilities and mitochondrial gene mutations, and the mitochondrion in plant programmed cellphone loss of life.

Plant Mitochondria is a very very important and well timed addition to Blackwell Publishing’s Annual Plant studies sequence. David Logan, renowned and revered the world over for his paintings during this sector, has introduced jointly a really necessary quantity of serious use and curiosity to plant scientists, phone and molecular biologists, and biochemists. Libraries in all universities and study institutions the place organic sciences are studied and taught must have copies of this crucial e-book on their cabinets.

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See colour plate section following p. 110 for colour version of this figure. 1 Mitochondrial movement and cellular inheritance Mitochondrial movement and the cytoskeleton The cytoskeleton plays a hugely important role in the maintenance of normal mitochondrial morphology, both in terms of regulating the distribution of a mitochondrial population within a cell and in determining the shape and size of individual organelles. The cytoskeleton forms a network throughout the cytoplasm along which organelles move, either by direct attachment to a growing microtubule or actin MITOCHONDRIAL DYNAMICS 15 filament or by using the network as ‘tracks’ along which the organelle is transported using motor proteins (Catlett and Weisman, 2000; Wada and Suetsugu, 2004).

Karbowski M, Lee YJ, Gaume B, et al. (2002) Spatial and temporal association of Bax with mitochondrial fission sites, Drp1, and Mfn2 during apoptosis. J Cell Biol 159, 931–938. Karbowski M, Spodnik JH, Teranishi M, et al. (2001) Opposite effects of microtubule-stabilizing and microtubule-destabilizing drugs on biogenesis of mitochondria in mammalian cells. J Cell Sci 114, 281–291. Karbowski M and Youle RJ (2003) Dynamics of mitochondrial morphology in healthy cells and during apoptosis. Cell Death Differentiation 10, 870–880.

Disruption of FMT homologues in D. discoideum (cluA) or S. , 1998). In the cluA− mutant of D. , 1997), while in the S. , 1998). The only clues to the function of FMT come from the mitochondrial phenotype and the presence of the TPR domain. , 2001). , 2003). This hypothesis for FMT function is supported by the observation that the pattern of mitochondrial distribution in fmt mutants mimics the effect of latrunculin-B, which promotes the rapid depolymerisation of the actin cytoskeleton (D. C. Logan, unpublished data).

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