Plastic Deformation Of Minerals And Rocks by Hans-Rudolf;Mineralogical Society of America;Geochemical

By Hans-Rudolf;Mineralogical Society of America;Geochemical Society Karato Shunichiro;Wenk

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J Struct Geol 23:1393-1413 Pieri M, Kunze K, Burlini L, Stretton I, Olgaard DL, Burg J-P, Wenk H-R (2001b) Texture development of calcite by deformation and dynamic recrystallization at 1000 K during torsion experiments of marble to large strains. Tectonophysics 330:119-140 Rutter EH (1974) The influence of temperature, strain rate and interstitial water in the experimental deformation of calcite rocks. Tectonophysics 22:311-334 Rutter EH (1998) Use of extension testing to investigate the influence of finite strain on the rheological behavior of marble.

Figure 5 illustrates the position of the microscope for these measurements. The fluorescent screen is located on-axis inside the conical slit system. We determine that, by comparing two images, strains of 10-4 can be measured. For images taken 100 seconds apart, this allows resolution of strain rates of 10-6 s-1. Figure 6. X-ray shadowgraph of MgO sample during compression. The horizontal dark lines are images of gold foil that bound the sample whose length is ~1 mm. The horizontal dimension is defined by the opening between the high-pressure anvils.

Weidner et al. (1994) studied the high-temperature and -pressure strength of diamond with this method. Chen et al. (1998) studied plastic deformation of olivine, wadsleyite, and ringwoodite. Flow can also be studied with this piezometer, with the constraint that this becomes a relaxation experiment (Weidner et al. 2001). Strain anisotropy. A uniaxial stress will introduce elastic strains in the sample. The strain parallel to the axis of compression will generally be larger than the strain perpendicular.

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